Enter to Win a VIP Table for the Bad Kids EDM Brunch #4 on Nov 10th!

It's back. And it's better than ever. EDM Brunch #4 at Libation on November 10th is on track to be the craziest Sunday of your entire life.

Let's review:

EDM Brunch #1 was somewhat tame.  People drank, they danced, they Sunday Funday-ed. Good times were had by all.

EDM Brunch #2 was a full on rager. A legitimate dance party/Sunday boozathon with Bad Kids all around, shuffling their faces off.

EDM Brunch #3 was...well. If you were there, you know. If you weren't there, you've probably heard the stories. It was a full on Animal House. Let's just say, not many of us made it into work on Monday. 

We've got tons of surprises in store for EDM Brunch #4, and although you might not think it's possible, this will absolutely top #3! We've got all 3 floors of Libation this time, with female DJ duo The Jane Doze headlining, along with our boy TCUP, Peter Brennan and Gonzo. There will also be a special appearance by The Dream Lab (AKA our robot boyfriend) so you will all get to "say hello to the robots".

As we do before every brunch, we're giving away a VIP table to one of you lucky kids and nine of your closest friends.  You have multiple opportunities to enter via our Punchtab giveaway below so take as many as you can:



Winners will receive unlimited mimosas and bloody marys from 12-2PM, a chance to party with the Bad Kids crew, a special gift from Dress for the Drop, Eye Love Shadez, Bad Kids of course, and more! Even better - winning this table means you will have prime seating on the first floor where allll the magic is happening - and we mean that literally this time.

The only thing that will not be included with the VIP table is brunch which is $29 per person (not including tax / tip).

We can almost guarantee that this will be the best Sunday of your life, so enter to win this table and make it extra bad!

RSVP for this event on Facebook HERE:

In the meantime, tables are going fast, so if you don't want to risk it and would like to reserve one for you and your friends, call or email Libation's amazing party planner, Christine ( or 212-529-2153)

See you at brunch, kids!

PS - Do NOT dress to impress. This is going to be the definition of a shitshow. 

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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