A Word From Our Newest Bad Kid: MattyMels

Three weeks later, I’m still processing what  exactly happened on November 10th at the 4th Bad Kids EDM Brunch, but am now thinking clearly enough to formally introduce myself to you all before titillating your eye balls (and ear drums) with periodic posts to the new, improved, and badder Bad Kids Blog: 

My name is Matthew a.k.a. ‘MattyMels.’  I am the newest addition to The Bad Kids family, a native New Yorker in its truest form, a perpetual consumer of all things music-related, and an EDM lover to the core.


I dabble in all sub-genres, but at the end of the day am a die-hard House Head and always stay true to my four-to-the-floor roots.  I'm always wearing something neon - if it's not in plain sight, it's either my socks or my underwear.  I frequently find myself riding unicorns in my dreams, have trouble sleeping on account of the never ending playlist I hear in my head, strive to live life to the fullest, and in an ideal world would sweat confetti.  I call it like I see it, take every opportunity to dance my face off, and at the end of the day believe that the only way to get by in this crazy world we live in is to stay true to yourself and never pass up on an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else’s existence.

From here on out, you will be treated to frequent commentary, event recaps, and reviews of incredible tracks (both the latest & greatest as well as throwbacks) by yours truly.  In addition, I'll be working alongside my fellow Bad Kids on future events to bring you lucky ducks a fresh perspective of crazy to the table which will undoubtedly result in many more unforgettable nights (and days) to come.  Two words of advice:  Buckle up.

Until next time...hands to the sky,


Matty Mels
Matty Mels


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