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NEW YORK – March 06, 2014 – Bad Kids Collective launched its Spring / Summer Clothing Collection today for the 2014 festival season. The brand creates unforgettable experiences and unique apparel for those passionate about Electronic Music Culture. The new collection features 24-pieces representing the feeling one gets while attending the large-scale events and festivals that take the world by storm during the warmer months. Whether attending Ultra, TomorrowWorld, Coachella or EDC Vegas, there is a design catered to all, regardless of a consumers’ desired scene or preference. Electronic Dance Music is considered to be the primary movement of today’s 20-somethings and Bad Kids Collective has created a clothing line that will dress them perfectly while they live out their wildest adventures on the festival grounds.

“We are a New York and Philadelphia-based company that focuses on bringing individuals all over the world together to celebrate life, live in the moment and embrace their favorite genre of music - EDM. One of the ways we do this is through our EDM-inspired clothing line. We want those who love festival life to feel fully prepared in outfits that were made for them, by people just like them! We personally have attended so many festivals, we know what people are looking to wear.” - Kayla Colby, Apparel, Bad Kids Collective

The team behind the new collection is lead designer Kayla Colby, stylist Tricia Fairclough, graphic designer Stephanie Koleda and co-founders, Lex Houser and Andi Cross. Together the team pulled from their favorite genres of dance music, pop-culture and trending styles to create a collection that would resonate with a wide audience of festival-lovers getting ready for this years’ season. In fact, this year boasts the biggest festival season yet. Most of the collection’s inspiration came from the team’s past experiences traveling around the world to their favorite festivals that ultimately changed their outlook on life for the better. Featuring neon colors, catchy and popular EDM phrases and personal touches from the Bad Kids team, this collection derives a broad scope of inspiration ranging from deep in the indie scene all the way to traditional rave culture.

“I will never forget the first time I went to Miami for Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. It was like I had stepped off the airplane into a dream. 100,000 kids around me all having the time of their lives, my friends coming together from all over the country … the world … to hear their favorite DJs spin. I looked around at what everyone was wearing and knew that Bad Kids could impact this environment by providing the ultimate EDM apparel assortment.” - Lex Houser, Founder, Bad Kids Collective

With the 24-piece collection rolled-out and available on Bad Kids Collective’s website, there will be new designs going live every other week in conjunction with partner affiliates such as Nectar Sunglasses, EyeParty diffraction lenses, Britt’s Blossoms’ flower halos and Flow & Co.’s snapbacks available for purchase on the e-commerce platform. In order to create the most impactful clothing line, Bad Kids Collective has and will continue to ask their loyal fanbase what they would like to see printed on shirts and encourage rave-goers to submit ideas they would like to see brought to life. Another feature that Bad Kids offers involves unique, specialty orders, working directly with the apparel team to concept custom shirts for individuals (or groups) who want to impress their rave family with something truly one-of-a-kind for their next big event.

“We are beyond excited to have launched our new collection online, but we are even more excited to showcase it during our Spring / Summer Fashion Show coming up in New York City post WMC and Ultra. We will be announcing more details in the coming weeks, but as always, this will be one for the books. At Bad Kids, we always try to top our last big event and provide our fans with experiences that they will never forget” - Andi Cross, Co-Founder, Bad Kids Collective

Bad Kids Collective will only be releasing a limited number of tickets to its Spring / Summer Fashion Show in the coming weeks. The event is expected to take place this first week of April, but more details will be announced via social media soon. The collection is full of life, vibrant, sexy, universal and is just the start of the company’s new vision and strategy for the EDM apparel division. Keep up with the Bad Kids crew, as there is always something to look forward to - whether it be an unforgettable Bad Kids-hosted event, a new piece of Bad Kids gear, or just an awesome group to embrace dance music with.

Introducing the Spring / Summer Collection by Bad Kids Collective - curating Events and Apparel for those passionate about Electronic Music Culture.

About Bad Kids Collective

Bad Kids Collective is an EDM-inspired lifestyle company comprised of three operating businesses – events, apparel and consulting. The brand’s origins stem from its apparel business - printing t-shirts, tanks and crops for major EDM festivals and shows. However, the New York and Philadelphia-based company has become best known for its unrivaled events, unique activation tactics and thought-leadership within the Electronic Music Culture movement. Reaching over 20,000+ fans via social media, Bad Kids has an extensive and loyal following of like-minded electronic dance music lovers from all over the country. The Bad Kids VIP Membership Program is comprised of 500 highly qualified individuals that the brand is in constant communication with and has extreme leverage in their purchasing decisions. Founders Lex Houser and Andi Cross have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Elite Daily,Perez Hilton, Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, and other major media for their work in event production, fashion and pop-culture trending. For more information please visit:





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