Kay Recaps The Chainsmokers #Selfie Tour: Lit Ultrabar

Look, I’ve seen some shit in my day. As a photographer and avid concert goer even before I started working, I thought that my days of being shocked by certain behaviors was behind me.

And then The Chainsmokers came to Philly.

It’s been a long 9 months since I last saw Drew and Alex. They set our 3rd Bad Kids EDM brunch on fire back in June and since then their career has grown exponentially. I was excited for the music more than anything - this duo has been releasing an onslaught of remixes to accompany their smash hit “#Selfie.”

I should have known the night was going to be ridiculous when I started getting texts at 11pm telling me that the line was out the door and that the place was already filling in.  The last time Lit Ultrabar was that packed was when Zedd came on a Monday last March. I arrived at 11:30 to an overactive crowd of people already going nuts for our other brunch veteran Sunday Attire. Terzetto came on and kept the vibes going but the crowd was getting restless. With every track the crowd just got bigger and bigger, finally getting their payoff when The Chainsmokers arrived.

All I’m going to say is, The Chainsmokers know how to throw a party, end of story. Track after track went off without a hitch; Lit was clearly digging their remixes of Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend” and Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home.” Nothing but smiles and laughs from Drew and Alex. Everyone was enjoying themselves across the board, but there was always this small feeling in my mind that the night just wasn’t EPIC enough.

Let the next three Tweets summarize how quickly this night turned (or 'got turnt,' depending on how you look at it):


When The Chainsmokers finally dropped #Selfie the entire crowd immediately whipped out their phones and turned their backs to the DJ booth. What they didn’t see was Alex throwing an inflatable doughnut before deciding to jump out of the booth and into the crowd. Naturally, chaos ensued. Being the photographer that I am, I leaned over the booth and snapped this photo of poor Alex getting mobbed by selfie-loving ravers fighting for a picture. 


Sitting on shoulders is nothing new, but I never expected to see a face eye-level in the booth. This brave soul not only climbed to the edge of the booth, but proceeded to prop himself up on his shoulders, as if to say, “Oh hey guys, watcha doin?” AND then took a picture with The Chainsmokers.  This began a hilariously AWFUL trend of other people attempting to find 10 seconds of glory by trying to climb into the booth themselves.


Drew dipped into the crowd as The Chainsmokers ran the trap momentarily. Just as with Alex before, he was also mobbed but couldn’t get back up the way he came, resulting in a shoddy rescue attempt before Drew burst through the doors of the booth. At this point I figured, okay, this show is  DEFINITELY getting shut down.

But somehow it didn’t. People kept clawing their way into the booth, desperate for glory, getting turned away or escorted out the booth after they made it inside. The Chainsmokers took everything in stride. They never once made a mixing error, they didn’t pull a diva move and kick everyone out so they could play in solitude; they just continued to knock back Patron and give this city a show we’d never forget.

I have to hand it to Philadelphia. You guys were on a whole new level of ratchet on Friday night. I’m already counting down the minutes until I reunite with The Chainsmokers and Sunday Attire in Miami next week. If that was how they partied on a Friday Night in Philly, then all bets are off in that Florida sunshine.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, OF COURSE I took a #Selfie. 

Not trying to brag here, but I think the BK Philly crew's night with Sunday Attire, Terzetto, & The Chainsmokers trumped anything our BK NYC crew could have possibly gotten into at Carnage's Marquee show the following night. If you plan on seeing The Chainsmokers down in Miami next week, be sure to purchase our #Selfie shirt ASAP.

You’re all insane, but I love you.

Stay Bad!



K Spence
K Spence


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Pat O
Pat O

March 17, 2014

The blonde in your selfie is a good friend of mine from home!

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