BK Featured Apparel: Twerk Team Athletics

Still feeling a little mehhh as you recover from a case of the Mondays? A little twerking always does some embrace #TwerkTuesday like it's going out of style. Just try it, it's so easy! You can twerk on just about anything, anywhere, any time: While getting dressed, in your car, on your Barista as they pour your morning coffee, even at work so long as HR isn't looking.

Bad Kids twerk even when it's not Tuesday. Just take a look at this EPIC TWERK WALL from EDC Vegas 2013 that a few Bad Kids had a hand in.

If this doesn't get you into the mood for Festival Season, I don't know what will. Oh wait, yes I do. Twerk Team apparel from Bad Kids.  

Our 2014 Spring/Summer Festival Collection features tees, tanks, and pinnies, all created for the love of twerking. Get yours today and start practicing, because with Ultra less than two weeks away, FESTIVAL SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! I know I'm ready, and so is this twerk queen right here - think you can show her up once those festival gates open?


Not gonna lie, I'm currently typing this with my keyboard on the floor and my legs in the air, twerking all over my desk. And you know what? I feel better already. It's almost as if Monday never happened.

Matty Mels
Matty Mels


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