"I-Only-Slept-Two-Hours" Rant about WMC

Writing this at the airport, 6 in the morning. Slept about 2 hours max. Too excited to sleep. You know why, because its WMC time and all that means is back-to-back parties featuring some of my favorite talent, along with DJs that I didn't even know about which soon will be my new obsessions. Lex and I have been going to this wonderful week called Winter Music Conference for a few years now, and every single time, we leave saying, "did that REALLY just happen?" Each year our expectations going in are the same - can't top the last - but for some reason this go around, I feel like this is going to blow the other years out of the park. 

So, what should we expect this year and why do I already think this one is going to be a grand slam? Here is my guide on how to approach WMC and how to do it like a Bad Kid. Some thoughts on how to maximize your time spent in Miami and to ensure you have one hell of an experience that will leave you reminiscing with your friends for the next, oh, 82307239182 years.

8. LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND: You have to go into this week leaving all your problems and stress behind. WMC is meant to be your escape, your outlet, your EDM haven and there literally shouldn't be a care in the world when you hit the dance floor / sand down in MIA. You are partying in the hot hot heat and after this winter, yeah .... we all NEED this.

7. LONG HAIR, DON'T CARE: The infamous motto you should live by when rocking WMC for a week straight. No matter what you are wearing, how you are dancing, or what you are doing - the same rule applies - who, gives a F$#&!!! This is a time for you to embrace your inner self and inner weird because the more real you are, the more people you will attract that appreciate your crazy. 
6. RISE AND GRIND WHILE LIVING FOR THE NIGHT: Its not often that you get to party rock with your favorite DJs consistently for 100 hours straight. Its not every day that major, major acts, alongside the up-and-coming all are in one place like this. Rise and grind, stay up all night, party like its your last, and make sure you don't miss a beat because you have one week to say you lived it up hard! 
5. DANCE BITCH: This is an opportunity for you to werk it boys and girls. Dance, dance hard, don't stop dancing. There is literally no reason for you to be standing / sitting still for more than 2 seconds to either a) take off your shoes or b) rip a shot ... otherwise, constant motion. Incorporate some of your work out moves into your dance routines and work those abs baby!!! 
4. MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Some of the greatest people I have ever met have been on the dance floor at WMC. Why? Likely because they are practicing the principals I have outlined above and appreciate a Bad Kid kind of crazy! Your rave crew should multiply by 3 by the team you are leaving WMC and hopefully you have some cool new places to visit all over the world when your done. 
3. BANGARANG: Don't just do WMC calmly and collected. FUCKING RAGE. Your body should be sore by the time you leave the club at 5am, your feet should hurt and you shouldn't be able to sleep because you are that excited about what is to come tomorrow. By the time you hop on the plane come week's end, you literally should be at peak physical exhaustion, with a lovely little smile on your face, because its the best tired will ever feel!
2. RAVE SAFE: Make sure your new and old crew are staying safe throughout it all. Drink water, spray champagne. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and are keeping yourself and friends out of harms way because you would never want to taint such a magical week with upset news. LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND doesn't allow for any bad times!
1. FIND BAD KIDS: If you want to have one of the craziest party weeks of your life, find us. We are looking to hang with you during WMC, show you the way of the Bad Kid and more importantly give you some of our hottest clothes from our Spring / Summer festival collection. We can't wait to dance with you, rage with you and live our lives free with you. How to find us? Well, we will look a little something like this: 
Hope to see you down there and if you really want to live the Bad Life, hit us up directly. We would love to share our party plans with you and get down to the get down together. Much love and Miami .... Here. We. Come. TAKEOFF!

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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