The Bad Kids have returned from Miami, our tans still golden brown, our ears still ringing from the beautiful womp womp wooooomp of 24/7 bass, and we find out that our Spring/Summer Fashion Show is ALMOST SOLD OUT?! WHAT THE WHAT?! We're so excited for this one guys! One more week of blood sweat and tears to prep for a very different kind of Bad Kids night out.

Haven't got a ticket yet? Well, that's kinda cray in the worst of ways. Why don't you go ahead and strap on your FOMO Suit so I can recap some tid bits of what you will be missing out on next Thursday, April 10th.

1. DINNER AND A SHOW:  Our Fall, 2013 fashion show was nothing short of a pant-less flying circus - but let's be real, was anyone hungry after all that booze? Yeah, that's what I thought. This time around, we're asking that all ticket holders contact to reserve a table. You can eat, drink, or do a lovely combination of both. What's even better? The tables line the runway, so those are literally the best seats in the house. And, if you're lucky, you may have a smoke-show model decked in the finest BK gear twerking in your face before know it. Contact us now to reserve your spot before they fill up, as we have even less tables than we do tickets (and those are limited to begin with)!

2. RONIN IN THE HOUSE: Any seasoned BK has already peeped Ronin's DJ Spotlight and Sound Cloud pages and knows what's up. For those who haven't, DO IT! This duo is coming in hot and ready to blow the roof off of Hotel Chantelle...which is totally cool, since it retracts in the warmer months anyway so they won't need to replace the roof until September. 

3. INCREDIBLE VENUE: Hotel Chantelle, I must say, is a pretty classy joint. We'll be adding our typical BK touch to this sexy french rooftop, where you can get lost gazing at our barely-dressed models OR the NY skyline through the glass walls and roof. The atmosphere is almost more magical than the food. I personally am a HUGE fan of their deviled eggs, truffle tater tots, crispy fish tacos, and their infamous 'oysters and pearls.' Do it up with dinner kids, you won't be sorry.

4. WE <3 OUR PARTNERS: As with any BK event, we're repping the brands we love hard (but not as hard as we brunch, that's just not possible). Along with our swag, you'll be treated to the likes of Eye Party and Britt's Blossoms as well. Both are PERFECT compliments for festival season!

5. NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN-SH*T: No BK event would be complete without a surprise...we highly suggest you stick around for our fashion show finale to find out what we're cooking up for you. It's actually marinating as we speak.

6. TEASER VIDS: No explanation necessary, see below (napkin or drool-bib required)

Bad Kids Collective 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Event Teaser from Bad Kids Collective on Vimeo.

7. WE TOLD YOU ALL BEFORE, so don't make us tell you again! Check the full details here and get your tickets today.

**We will not be selling tickets at the door so when they all gone THERE AIN'T NO 'MO YA HURDD?!**

So there you have it. 7 lucky facts for the 100 lucky Bad Kids who will have scored tickets to the best Thursday night of their lives. As always, feel free to reach out to to reserve your table, if you have questions, or you just want to tell us how much you love us. See you all on the 10th!


The BKC Events Team



Matty Mels
Matty Mels


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