'Dish'ing It Out: A Word from Our Intern Abroad

You may know Adam Dishian as 'THE Intern' of BKC, but what you may not know is how important of a role this kid plays in the lives of every single member of our team. As hard as it was for us to let him go, Adam decided to spend this semester in Thailand, giving us updates via email as much as he can. We had to share the email he sent to us before he left, as well as some parts of his halfway-point-update. His words beautifully explain everything we feel, but may not always say. They capture the love and support we give and receive from each other every single day. They embody what it means to be a Bad Kid.

Adam – you thank us throughout your first email, but I speak for the whole Collective when I say thank YOU. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for your support, thank you for your love. Thank you for sharing the realities of Thailand in your update, as it is important to remember and acknowledge the hardships people face, and to always do whatever we can to express that beauty, freedom and love exist in the world (even if it means showing the people of Thailand it’s okay to run around covered in glitter dancing with a mannequin on a Tuesday night).

While you’re away from us, continue to remember a few of our mottos:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Live your life, and live it to the fullest.
  • Make new friends, go on adventures, and step outside of your comfort zone every day.
  • Party hard, work harder.
  • ...and of course, STAY BAD.

We miss you everyday and cannot wait to cure your show withdrawal the second you get back to the states.

SO much love,
Taryn & the rest of the BK Fam

January 13, 2014

BK Fam,

I’m sitting here staring at my packed bag, boarding pass, and stamped visa, and it just hit me…I am going to spend the next five months in fucking Thailand. I’m kinda shitting my pants…in the best way one could ever shit their pants.

2014 is freshly upon us, and I can’t help but think about what an unbelievable year I’ve had.

I spent the better part of 2013 with all of you, truly getting to know you and becoming part of this dream team. As I look back on this past year I realize all my best moments have all been with the Bad Kids.

As you all know, I have just stated to become comfortable and happy with who I am, and finally came out to my friends and family. This all started in February, when I drunkenly came out to Andi while cuddled in bed after an amazing Zedd show at Webster Hall. Her response was something along the lines of, “Oh, I was just waiting for you to tell me.” Normally, someone saying something like, “THEY KNEW ALL ALONG,” would piss me off, but it didn’t. The way she said it showed me she really didn’t care, she was just purely happy for me. This is when I realized, IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER.

That weekend marked the beginning of me really not caring, and slowly coming to terms with true self.

Flash forward to EDC NY. This was another amazing weekend for me. We met for dinner and out of nowhere Lex said to me, “You look amazing, so much happier.” After I told her why I was so much happier, the pure excitement she felt fueled me. The feeling of having people who genuinely care for you was new to me…and the funny thing is, I really forgot that I had just met these people in September of 2012.

Since this summer, the Bad Kids Team and Collective really started to form. The Collective: a group of the most intelligent, passionate and hard working people constantly spreading support to each other to get shit done. I have never felt so stimulated before, and it’s all because of the feeling I get when we work together. I have gathered so much support from everyone. I can finally say I am gay out loud and not give a shit, all thanks to you guys.

Having established, young professionals making me (the baby) feel so welcome and open is a rare feeling. From taking naps outside of Andi’s door at 4:30 am and taking extra shots with Steph before the fashion show, to being Harrison’s bitch and Taryn making me want to be a bitch…you guys just simply are the best. Special shout out to Timmy for showing me great time my last weekend in NY and even more special shout out to Kay for causing me to throw up all over a woman’s shoes on the train.

Generally I feel that the title of “intern” has a negative connotation to it, but being a BKC intern is not like that at all. It truly is what an internship should be; constantly learning by being thrown into the mix, doing shit on the fly and being surrounded by the most passionate group of people on this planet. Working with all of you doesn’t feel like work, and being in one of our team meetings with ideas bouncing around is amazing to be a part of.

We talk about this all time; how we all have known each other for just a short time but we all feel like family. Obviously, I feel that EDM was the main driving force that brought us all together. The shows, the festivals, every little drop brings us closer together. I’ll hear a song and it will bring me back to a festival, event, memory, with you (the rave sobbing, Knife Party and Zedd, saying hello to the robots, our anthem “How We Do”), which is still one of the coolest things to me.

2013 was the year of learning. Learning about myself. Learning about my prospective career path. Learning about what I can contribute to others. That is all because of all of you.

I can go on forever about this, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I know it may seem like you haven’t really done anything, but that is the beauty of it, my friends.

2014 is the year of the Bad Kid, and I can’t wait to see what you do. When I return this summer I will resume my role as part of the team, and I can’t wait to kill it. Thank you for being you, and letting me be me. I don’t think I’d be where I am at right now if it weren’t for my Bad Kids Family.

Too Much Love,
Your Intern & Little Bro,

April 2, 2014

BK Fam,

To those of you who went to WMC, hope you all fucking killed it, it looked amazing. To everyone else, I know you are killing it always.

Just thought I'd give you all a teeny update: I never want to leave this place and every day I think how if BK came to Thailand, they wouldn't know what to do with us.

Every weekend is a new fucking adventure. I got this sweet internship with a music festival out here during the New Year Water Festival. After that I'm heading out to backpack Northern Vietnam for 10 days during Spring Break (casual).

To get real for a sec: I know that from my pictures this place looks like paradise, and it is, but there is so much shit going on that barely breaks the surface. None of the laws are enforced here besides immigration control and making money off of the Burmese refugees that fled. I have to wear a mask to go outside during this time of year because everywhere in Southeast Asia is burning their rice fields in the dry season. Nothing makes sense. I get stared at everywhere I go that isn't a tourist trap, and knowing the basics of the local language would have come in handy, because I never know what anyone is fucking saying. Everything works differently. The real image of this place can be hard to deal with sometimes, and it was important to me that you knew the reality rather than the idea of an all-around paradise.

This marks halfway of my journey, time is flying by but I’m grabbing life by the balls and not taking shit from anyone. I feel so different already. I'm starting to realize that I don't give a fuck what anyone says, and it’s the best feeling. Having people look at you with disgust because you are half naked covered in glitter dancing with a mannequin on a Tuesday night, and the only response that passes through your lips is "you’re just jealous", is purely liberating, gen-y style. And I know you guys can relate because you’re the ones who gave me the foundation I needed to get me to this stage.

Best of luck and love sent out for the fashion show. As you see in my pics I proudly rock my BK band daily in support of all that you guys are crushing life back stateside.

Stay Gold,




Taryn Klein
Taryn Klein


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