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You kids know by now that our MO over here at BKC is “Work Hard, Party Harder” - and this past weekend was a prime example of what The Bad Life is really like.

Our journey begins at the Bad Kids Spring/Summer Fashion Show last Thursday night, which was DOPE if I do say so myself.  Pics and vids will be up later today, along with some of the new merch, which you can grab HERE.  Do it. Trust me, all your festie friends will be jealin.

After Lex and I packed up the lights, merch and camera gear, we dropped down to the basement of Hotel Chantelle to let loose at the after party for a bit. We were both so wired from the show that we decided to just get in the car and head back to Philly.  The Philly crew loves us some NYC but, there’s nothing like coming home to your own bed after a long night of being on your feet.

Spring/Summer Fashion Show at Hotel Chantelle 

It was nearing 1AM and we’re about to break out of the city and jet home in under 90 minutes when we hit standstill traffic at the Holland Tunnel. We FINALLY get out of the city an hour later around 2 AM. About halfway into the drive, Lex starts to get really tired and I can feel myself fading too. No joke kids, we pull over at some random ass rest stop on the side of the Turnpike and take an hour and a half power nap right there in the front seats.  Just pass out cold in an upright position, unable to recline because the back seat was packed to the brim with equipment.

We somehow wake up 90 minutes later and blast some beats to try and get pumped about driving another 100 miles. But it's a false start. Lex starts fading again pretty quickly and says we’re going to have to stop again, but luckily my ADHD superpower (or nemesis, depending on the time) kicks in hard, like an epic Skrillex beat! We pull over to swap spots and I WISH you guys could've seen me doing jumping jacks on the side of the Jersey Turnpike at 4 am to get my blood pumping and make the rest of this drive my bitch. I know what you’re thinking - we're out of our minds - which is true, but that’s part of what makes our Bad Kids crew so awesome.  We’re all totally insane, but it's weird, random moments like these, doing jumping jacks on the side of the road at 4AM, that I cherish the most. 

We finally get back to my place around 5 am and literally just crash. 

I only get a couple hours of sleep because, yeah, I actually had to go to my full-time job on Friday, but all was good because somehow in her insanity/state of exhaustion, Lex was able to secure us on the list that night at one of our favorite clubs, LiT Ultrabar, to see The Ultimate Bad Kid, Laidback Luke. There was zero chance I was gonna miss this show with the Kung Fu master. Not only has LBL rocked our gear before, but believe it or not he was one of the only DJs still on my bucket list to see.

The second we walk into LiT, we notice a few people rocking Bad Kids gear, which is always funny to see, and got us more pumped up than we already were.  The opening DJ Dan Hoffman - who you should all check out because he was seriously impressive - throws down some sick beats (Cold Blank- Latch remix check and double check) and our dancing shoes were officially ON.

All of a sudden Lex gets a text from Vinny of Terzetto, one of our DJ Spotlight artists, saying to come to the back kitchen. I knew what that meant, Luke was there and the Bad Kids Founder was gonna get a chance to meet Mr. MixMash himself. We rush over and Lex gets to have a nice little chat with the Ultimate Bad Kid.

Then it was officially showtime and I have to say, I didn’t fully expect the ridiculous set that he was about to throw down. Earlier in the week, controversy and a lot of smack talk had surrounded Luke after DJ Sneak released a video mocking LBL as he DJed alongside Sander Van Doorn and Steve Aoki. This combined with people asking for his Ultra set when he didn't even perform at Ultra (Do you even pre-record sets bro?), really set him off. He was busy seeing the birth of his baby girl with wife DJ Gina Turner, hellooo? Luke was clearly on a mission to shut up the haters that night and he did just that.

The man played practically every popular genre of music possible from deep house to rock to rap to movie musicals! Alongside his newer remixes of “Let Your Heart Go” and “Sun Shine Down” featuring our girl Alicia Madison, who attended our fashion show the night before, as well as his new track “Flashing Lights”, he dropped Jay-Z right into Limp Bizkit! Dead serious, the second we heard it, Lex and I searched for the nearest thing to get on top of and started imitating Fred Durst in all his early 2000's glory, straight out of the “Rollin" video. Back up back up tell me whatcha gonna do now!

Then came the biggest shocker of them all: Luke mashed up “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King with his track "Mufasa". I actually get chills just thinking about that drop: “muFAsaaa!”  That takes some serious balls. LBL clearly CAME OUT to Illadelph to make a statement, and boy did he ever.

Just as we were about to leave, the night got even better.  We were standing by the back door trying to get some air when a kid walks up to us and says to Lex, "Are you Lex from Bad Kids?". Turns out this guy had ordered a shirt long ago and has been a fan for a while but was too nervous to come up to us earlier. 

Seriously, to all you Bad Kids out there, you are a huge part of the reason we do this, don't be afraid to come up to any one of us if you see us out! We wouldn't be where we are without you guys and there’s nothing that makes us happier than meeting one of you.  

Work Hard, Party Harder. We worked our ass off on Thursday for our Fashion Show and then tag teamed the drive home together so that we could make it back to Philly in time for a wild, well deserved night of partying with one of our favorite DJs, Laidback Luke.

As they say, “No one remembers the nights you got plenty of sleep.”

Ian Burka
Ian Burka


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