Taryn Tells All: Catching Up with Tyler Sherritt

As a Westchester native, I am no stranger to nights out in White Plains. However, when I decided to come spend Easter weekend home with my parents, going out on the town did not cross my mind. Leave it to a simple tweet from the one and only Tyler Sherritt to completely change that plan. After experiencing Tyler’s set at Pacha in January, and knowing how approachable he is, I had to tweet back at him about attending this opening night of City of Dreams taking place at Coliseum in White Plains. I immediately got a message back with, “Hit me up, you should def come chill with us on Friday!” with a DM (plus his tweet earlier in the week about wanting to chill with the Bad Kids) so at this point I knew I was committed. I recruited my main betch Steph Tucker, and we were homeward bound.

Being the fan-focused DJ he is, Tyler planned a meet and greet/pregame for his crew and a few lucky fans before the show. He extended the invitation, and we were thrilled to be included in this part of the night. After a photoshoot taken by my younger brother (and Bad Kids enthusiast) a little warm up blasting BPM on the drive over to White Plains, we arrived at Hudson Grille to get the night started. 

We were immediately approached with inquiries about the significance of our BAD Snapbacks, kick-starting our distribution of bracelets and Bad Kids Brand Ambassador speeches. When Tyler and Co. arrived, he was extremely welcoming, introducing us to everyone there by asking, “Have you heard of Bad Kids Collective?” (DJ and a Brand Ambassador-how lucky are we?!).  I knew he was going to be friendly based on our prior communication, but the amount of appreciation he had for us coming out to support him blew me away. From now on I will be at any and every show Tyler has in NYC, not just because of his talent as a DJ and ability to throw a great event, but because I know how much it will mean to him to have me and my crew there. He supports us because he believes in what we are doing, and we will continue to do the same for him.

After a couple hours of bonding and meeting tons of new people, it was time for us to make our way to the main event. Coliseum is an awesome venue. When we walked in we were met with a sea of white tables and booths, complimented with blue LED accent lighting which made the entire place glow. Columns in the center of the room completed the theme, and to the right of the entrance was a DJ booth overlooking the room. Tyler wasn’t set to go on until 1:00 am, allowing us to continue hanging out to the beats of his opener. With good company, lots of dancing, everyone wanting pictures with us (well, mostly just with the Snapbacks), and Tyler Sherritt in charge of the sounds, it became another memorable night. Steph and I dipped out around 2:30 am, but I have no doubts that he continued to show the crowd a good time until the club’s 4:00 am closing.

The night ended up as a great opportunity to actually get to know the person behind the Tyler Sherritt DJ persona, and I am so honored that we get to call him a true BAD KID.

**INSIDE SCOOP WITH TYLER SHERRITT: Tyler has been spending a lot of time in the studio…and let me just tell you guys, you’re in for a treat. If you thought the old Tyler Sherritt was good, just you wait!

Until next time Kiddos,


Taryn Klein
Taryn Klein


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