Event Recap: Ida Engberg @ Verboten


Hello, Kids! It's me, Chelsea the intern, here with a little recap of the show I went to this weekend. If you live in New York and love techno, you know it’s not hard to find a sick party on the weekends. There is always something going on, especially in Brooklyn. This past Saturday my boyfriend and I made the last minute decision to go see techno Goddess, Ida Engberg at a club called Verboten in Brooklyn.

Ida Engberg, the First Lady of Drumcode, is a very talented Swedish techno DJ and producer. She also happens to be married to one of the best techno artists there is, Adam Beyer. Not only is Ida sick at mixing and producing, but she also happens to be a major babe. Her brand of minimal, techno and tech house is fits the Drumcode sound, but also has a little Ida twist. Oh, and did I mention that she’s pregnant!? Yeah, she was playing at Verboten with a bun in the oven. That’s dedication to your craft.


I have never been to Verboten before and once I walked in I was definitely pleased with the Brooklyn club. There are 2 rooms: The Control Room and the Cabaret Bar. Ida played in the Control Room, which was my favorite of the two. It had a really cool warehouse vibe, which is ideal for a techno party. They projected different scenes and trippy visuals on the walls throughout the whole night, which added to the uniqueness of the club. The Cabaret Room was a bit brighter and more colorful. It definitely had a much warmer vibe.


Ida played from 12:30-4:30 am, between Russ Yallop and Deepak Sharma. We got in there just a few minutes before Ida began her set. We were in the very front from beginning to end of her set, which was pretty awesome considering how personal the setup of Verboten is. Ida is just as beautiful in person as you would expect her to be, and she was super nice! She was smiling and pointing to people in the crowd, grabbing whatever hands came reaching over the DJ booth (including my boyfriends, which he was very excited about. I tried, but I was too short!).

Those four hours of standing right in front of one of the best female DJ’s in the game was unreal. Her set was just straight up techno. It was impossible to stand still, the entire crowd was just stomping and dancing their asses off. The crowd vibe was amazing as well. Almost everyone there seemed to be real techno fans that were really there to see Ida, instead of a bunch of club kids that were just there to party. We were there to party, but tech heads only want to party to the best of the best and Ida Engberg is definitely in that category.

It was amazing to see Ida connect with the crowd and understand what we were all there for. She read the crowd and knew we wanted real, bumping techno. It was an awesome experience that could only happen in a venue like Verboten with an artist like Ida Engberg. It was all around a really great night and it’s cool to know that Ida feels the same way.

 The Bad Kids crew was all over the place this weekend and it seems we all had an amazing time. Who did you guys see this weekend?

Chelsea Broughton
Chelsea Broughton


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