Our Night With Pierce

As I mentioned last week, the Bad Kids crew went to see Pierce Fulton at one of our favorite EDM venues in the city, Slake. My last post clearly outlined that I was gearing up for a pretty wild night, so I'm happy to report that my expectations were met and THEN some. Somehow one of our team members won a meet-and-greet with Pierce and friends before the show, and that's where the magical night began ... 

I was late to the meet-and-greet pre-game and by the time I was arriving, Pierce and his crew were leaving. He took the time to introduce himself, he said that he read my latest post and that he would in fact play all the songs I requested, minus my very obscure song reference from the past.  I'm thinking the whole time, "DOPE!" and..."oh shit, did he really read it?! I did call him attractive - I hope he didn't remember that part - I am so embarrassing!" 

The crew ventured over to Slake around 11pm as Pierce's roommate and good friend, Ansolo was hitting the decks come midnight. Not knowing what to expect, we followed, and immediately rushed to the bar for our favorite, filled-to-the-brim beverages that would leave us happy for quite some time.


Ansolo goes on and HOLY HELL the roof blows off of Slake. This kid is killing it. The one thing we kept thinking to ourselves was, "DJ Spotlight, DJ Spotlight, DJ Spotlight" because he would be a perfect new addition to the Bad Kids DJ family. One of the guys from No_Sheep, our co-host for #BADdayclub, was having a dancing attack that was taking over his whole body, saying over and over, "this is epic guys, who is this kid??? He is playing everything I want to hear!" One of our team members, Taryn, who won the meet-and-greet, was dancing on stage right as Pierce got on the decks, and I of course headed immediately to the dancing cage strategically placed near / above the stage. 

Within what seemed to be minutes, a few drinks later, a whole bunch of new friends made, and some quality time jumping up and down in the cage or on stage – we were officially having a typical BAD KIDS night out at Slake. This is one of those venues that allows you to have a very real, connected experience with the DJ / artist you are there to see. It is the best environment to let your freak flag fly, to live your life free and to experience things you might not have been able to at a mega club here in the city. It’s personal, it’s intimate, and yet it’s big enough to attract true talent like Pierce. 

Next thing I know, I am up on stage introducing myself to Michael Brun and embarrassingly not recognizing him right off the bat (ugh, jeez Andi, come on!). I then proceed to tell him that he has the same name as my senior prom date and that every time I see his name I am reminded of high school - again - so embarrassing. Brun and Fulton go back-to-back, and even bring in Ansolo periodically to really solidify the amazing bond the 3 have together (I even hear they recreated this epic moment the next night at Marquee…). The crowd is going crazy, the vibe is amazing and the night really shouldn't have ended for me at 3am, but it was way past my bed time considering we had #BADdayclub the next day.  

So how was my night with Pierce? 

Amazing; he put on a great show, brought the noise, made the crowd go crazy and was just an all-around good guy.

We had fun getting to know him and dancing the night away to all the tunes I had hoped he would play.

Will I see him again? Yes. Will you be coming with me? Of course! So keep following us, and hopefully you will catch the next time we party rock at one of our favorite venues, Slake, and the next time we are lucky enough to hang with Mr. Fulton and his baller, crazy, wild friends!

Stay Bad,


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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