Movie Review: Under the Electric Sky

Went to see "Under the Electric Sky" last night with my buddy from Sirius XM; homie always hooks me up...thanks again for rocking and being the best! I went in expecting to not really enjoy it simply because I figured it would just be multiple shots of hot girls jumping up and down looking as if they just finished putting their makeup on, even after countless hours of raving. Seriously, these shots of babes that look like they just finished hair and makeup at a photo shoot boggles my mind. I come INTO the festival looking like a hot mess, as I likely haven't slept from the night before, and leave looking like I had a bucket of water dumped on me, hour after hour, due to the mass quantities of sweat I've produced. Let's be real here...if the camera's showed what was happening at the dance circle and you would see what us ladies REALLY look like at a festival! 
ANYWAY, so that's what I expected initially, and sure there was a lot of that, but I really enjoyed watching the journey of all these different kids getting to EDC. The movie followed 6 different groups of kids from all over the country / world and their story of how they got to the festival. No matter how ridiculous the story line was, it was quite enjoyable. Also, being able to see how the festival is built and the man power behind pulling off a festival of this magnitude was impressive. As someone who has been throwing parties since childhood, it was great to see Pasqualle turn a similar passion into a true work of art. Not to mention he is basically my hero and I hope to meet him and maybe even work with him one day...perhaps in the very near future? :) 
Simply put, Under the Electric Sky is an ode to EDC Vegas, an ode to the kandi kid - old and new. It is an ode to how freaking awesome dance music is and how it brings people together. It is an ode to all those "misfit toys" that are out there that have come together under the electric sky to celebrate the fact they all have one thing in common - dance music. This is a feel good movie through and through, and if you want to get pumped up for EDC Vegas, I suggest you go see it. 
This film is essentially one big 2 hour promotion for the festival, and I gotta hand it to Insomniac who did a pretty damn good job putting it together. I mean I've been glued to my computer watching teaser trailers for the last 12 hours while writing Facebook posts about my uncontainable excitement. 
I can't wait to see some of you this weekend for EDC under THIS electric sky, here in New York City. I will be there on Sunday, so make sure you come looking for me!  Let the count down begin for EDC Vegas...cause you know I'm already on the road to THAT electric sky. 

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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