New EDC LV Gear: Vote to Win!

Can't believe I'm actually about to type this, but EDC LV 2014, AKA #BADvegas, is less than THREE WEEKS AWAY.  

That also means you kids have less than three weeks to figure out what the hell you're gonna rock at this Summer's biggest festival in Sin City...

Luckily, we're coming out with some new EDC Vegas inspired gear just in time for the festival, but we need your help deciding what to make! 

Here's the deal:

The image below contains 4 different EDC LV design concepts.  Click the image to view the corresponding Facebook post on our page, where you can vote for which design you like best by commenting on the image with 1, 2, 3, or 4


The design concept that receives the most votes at the conclusion of the giveaway will be enhanced, polished and ready for purchase by the beginning of next week.  

We will choose one person who voted for that specific design as the winner of our #BADvegas design giveaway.  

Winner receives a free Bad Kids shirt and snapback of their choice along with a few I'M A BAD KID bracelets of course!

In the meantime, feel free to submit any and all other shirt ideas to us via Facebook, Twitter, or using the following shirt submission form.  We want to hear all your ideas - even if it's to have Pasquale Rotella on a shirt wearing Kaskade on a shirt wearing Ryan Gosling on a shirt wearing Macauley Culkin on a shirt.  

In the meantime, start preparing for #BADvegas...

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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