The Road to EDC Vegas: The "FIND ME" Outfits

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE - we are only a few days away from EDC Vegas so that means it's finally the time to unveil what Andi and Lex will be rocking each day of the festival! We are beyond excited about this because we worked tirelessly with our unbelievable partners, our team, and design crew to create the most ridiculous outfits in the game - making it that much easier for you to FIND US under the electric sky. 
Remember, feel free to hit us up before you get to Vegas to find out where we are, what we are doing, what parties we are attending, and how to best spot us in the moment. Don't know how to reach us? Well, now you do!

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And now...for the costume selection for EDC LV 2014: 
FRIDAY, JUNE 20: "Disco Ball Fever"
We teamed up with one of our favorite Etsy storefronts called Coquetry Clothing to pull off our disco fever concept. This amazing romper is going to be the forefront of our costume along with some great accessories such as leg wraps and wigs from RaveReady and sunnies from NectarIf you love silver, sparkles and bright accent pieces - this is the day to FIND US to win these types of amazing prizes from us! 

SATURDAY, JUNE 21: "Fuzzy Rainbows"
You won't be able to miss us as we will be clad head to toe in LED light up, rainbow fur. Literally - head to toe. From our hoods with ears, to our rainbow fluffies - we will be glowing highlighters, compliments of RaveReady, BrittsBlossoms, and EyePartyWe are Electric Daisy Carnival summed up in an outfit - wild, crazy, bold and fun. Also, our BADx fur-inspired crop will make a debut, keeping up with the costume theme perfectly!
FUN FACT: On Saturday, we will all be rocking our Bad Kids custom EDC LV highlighter pinnies for some serious photo opps and group shots. Make sure you keep up with us to find out where this is taking place and where you might be able to WIN ONE for FREE!

SUNDAY, JUNE 22: "The Darths"
And we saved the best for last. Since we are deeply obsessed with Star Wars to the point we have Star Wars-inspired BEDDING at home, we decided the last day of the festival was dedicated to our fearless, evil leader - Darth Vader. We will be in a mask that has voice changing capabilities, we will be in all black, and we will look fierce as fuck when you FIND US on day three of EDC. Our "Bad Kids Star Wars" design is always paired nicely when we deck ourselves out as our favorite characters - so be on the look out for this ridiculous costume on the last day. 
More to come on how to FIND US and where to look for these ridiculous costumes presented by us, of course, and our amazing partners, RaveReady, Nectar Sunglasses, EyeParty, BrittsBlossoms and Coquetry Clothing. Still looking for the best EDC LV costumes? Hit us up - we are happy to help!
See you on the dance floor and under the electric sky. 
- Andi, Lex & The Collective

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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June 16, 2014

Looks like we will be disco ball twinsies!

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