Harrison's Top 5 EDC Vegas Sets

During my time in Vegas, I was able to see performances at four day clubs (Diplo at Encore Beach; Kaskade, EC Twins and Sander Van Doorn at Marquee Dayclub), two nightclubs (Nicky Romero at Light and Crystal Method at Drai’s), and 26 artists over the three nights at EDC. Needless to say, sleep was definitely not a priority and I saw the sun come up almost every night I was there.

Photo by Doug Van Sant / Insomniac

First, let me say that all of the nightclub and dayclub venues we went to were incredible. While you are guaranteed to have a great time at nearly any of the nightclubs, I strongly recommend you focus on four of the dayclubs I have been to if you want the best experience. Those are: #1 Encore Beach, #2 Wet Republic, #3 Marquee Dayclub, #4 Drai’s. Drai’s may move up on that list as they attract new talent, because the venue is incredible, on the roof of The Cromwell overlooking The Strip and the Bellagio fountains. I have also heard that Daylight at Mandalay Bay is great, but I haven’t been there so I cannot personally attest.


EDC itself was incredible. The people were respectful, the stages were never overcrowded, you always had room to dance and I never had to wait more than three minutes to refill my camelback (for free). As usual, Pasquale did an amazing job keeping ~140,000 people per night dancing in the desert to some of the most incredible artists in the world. So now, onto the music and my favorite sets of the weekend:

#5: Flosstradamus

Even though I have seen these guys four times in the past 8 months or so, I continue to have an incredible time. While their Coachella/Ultra/Mysteryland sets were all very similar, they broke away from that a bit at EDC and introduced some new tracks. They still played their fair share of Missy Elliot (I think they may be in love with her) and blended What So Not’s “Tell Me” with Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”, but they brought in some different tracks like “Face Down, Ass Up” and a new song from gLAdiator, which I don’t think were in some of their earlier sets. These guys constantly interact with the crowd and I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t jumping up and down, stomping the ground of Cosmic Meadow for over an hour straight.

#4: Eric Prydz

I typically am not the biggest Eric Prydz fan, but god damn did he bring it on night three of EDC Vegas. The production in the Circuit Grounds tent was INSANE. The laser show when he dropped “Laser Beams” was straight ridiculous (surprise, surprise). It may have rivaled that moment during Martin Garrix’s show at Coachella this year, which is saying A LOT.  When those lasers came on, everyone literally stopped dancing and just stared, which actually worked perfectly for me because it allowed me to weave through the crowd and find the 20+ person Bad Kids dance circle we set up in the dead center of the tent. Oh, and the fact that we had the three-person totem didn’t hurt either!


#3: Above & Beyond

Emotional. Thats all I can really say about Above & Beyond. Not to say that Tony, Jono and Paavo didn’t go hard as hell at times, like when they play Walter White, but when the guys opened with Arty’s amazing remix of London Grammar’s “Hey Now” and then dropped their own hits like “Sticky Fingers,” “A Thing Called Love,” and “Sun & Moon” (among many others), the 50,000+ people at Kinetic Field just melted. The guys that produced my #1 set from 2013 didn’t fail to impress me again. Oh, and the incredible fireworks display didn’t hurt either…

#2: Clockwork

When I got a text from my boy, Conti that read “You need to come to clockwork right now, most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen,” followed 15 minutes later by “Oh my god in heaven COME TO CLOCKWORK THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVEN BETTER THAN HIM AT ULTRA!” I knew it had to be good, and holy hell it was. I wasn’t even in the tent at Circuit Grounds for this set because the crowd was so big…I had missed What So Not and RL Grime’s “Tell Me” collab during the What So Not set because I was stuck in traffic. I was hoping that Clockwork (aka RL Grime) would play it, and he did not disappoint, pulling it out of nowhere and throwing the filthy drop in during the middle of his alter ego’s remix of “Satisfaction.” I think I may have literally almost broken my feet stomping the pavement. Playing everything from TJR’s “Everybody Make It Bounce” to DMX’s “Party Up” and mixing “Reload” with “Sweet Nothing,” Conti definitely had it right, Clockwork brought down the house.

#1: Seven Lions

Almost the entire Bad Kids EDC Vegas team assembled at the BassPod stage for what many thought was the most amazing set of the entire festival. For an hour from 9-10pm on Saturday night, each and every one of us lost our minds as the California-based producer jumped from Electro to Dubstep to Trance to Progressive, leaving us all wondering what just happened by the time his set finished. From playing a festival favorite “Pompeii,” working in Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (to a festival set on the BASS stage? that takes balls), to Ilan Bluestone’s remix of Above & Beyond’s “Satellite,” then to Paris Blohm and Tritonal’s “Colors,” Seven Lions kept the Bad Kids crew going crazy. We were jumping up and down, shuffling and singing at the top of our lungs the entire set. This set is going to be a constant on my playlist for a long time to come.

Honorable mentions go out to Kaskade’s Summer Lovin’ Set and What So Not. Kaskade’s set was at Marquee Dayclub, which in itself is incredible. Going back and forth between splashing in the pool with 1000 other people, to the pool deck 20 feet from Kaskade doing his thing, and literally giving away every piece of Bad Kids swag I (and all of my friends) had (including the shirt off my back, literally) my Sunday at Marquee couldn’t have been much better. What So Not gets the honorable mention nod because I missed their opening when they dropped a dirty new remix of “Tell Me,” plus I also missed the end when they closed with “Jaguar” because I took off to catch Clockwork’s set. I have listened to the set on Soundcloud and it’s really good…definitely check it out.

Overall, EDC Vegas was as amazing as it was for me last year, if not more so since we had such an amazing group of Bad Kids out there to share the experience with. Needless to say I wish I could go back, but considering I am still recovering, I am glad it’s not for another year. Hope you will be able to join us next year so we have an even bigger group!

Stay Bad,


Harrison E
Harrison E


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