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So here we are, a week’s passed since day 1 of EDC 2014 and we are all in severe depression about it being over. I have been tasked with curing everyone’s PEDCD (Post EDC Depression). What’s the cure for missing something you love? Moving on or re-living those treasured why not do both this weekend?! Here are 5 EDC sets to help amp up your weekend and bring you back to the Las Vegas Speedway.



If someone was awarded MVP of Electric Daisy Carnival, it would be Arty. Not only was his set one of my 2 favorites of EDC, but his tracks were also used to soundtrack the “closing ceremony” fireworks on Day 3. Arty brought an amazing energy to the crowd and even brought my favorite DJ (Porter Robinson) out when he played his remix for Porter’s new song. The new tracks in this set are phenomenal as well.



When you have such high expectations for someone, its great to see them deliver and that’s exactly what the young Frenchman did. By the time Madeon played I had been awake for over 24 hours after traveling to Vegas, but after 2 min of his set, I had all the energy in the world. He played something from every genre, mixing like the expert he is and even did his famed “Pop Culture” mash-up live.



Talk about taking risks, sheesh! Cazzette has totally transformed their sound and played more of a groovy house set than the dub-house sounds they have been known for in the past. Interweaving some of their crowd favorite originals and remixes, the tapeheads also had stretches where they mixed in deep house, which was not expected at all.


What So Not

Want a set to get turnt up to before going out to the bar or club? Do yourself a favor and check out What So Not. The BKC crew was losing their minds to this set from the start, always dancing around.


Above & Beyond

There is no better way to get in a feel good mood than with some A&B. I still get goosebumps multiple times while listening to this set. So go ahead, at 4 am when everyones chilling out recapping the night, just turn on some of the Anjuna masters and chill out.

Listen Here!


Here are some of my favorite FIRE tracks overheard throughout the EDC weekend:



There are SO many good sets from EDC, you really can’t go wrong. These are just 5 of the best. Hell, I’m still listening to sets I missed or haven’t heard yet (Prydz, A-Trak, Mat Zo, Tommy Trash, Deorro, Dusky, Oliver, Claude Von Stroke, The Glitch Mob, and our boys Laidback Luke and Kaskade amongst others I would also recommend).

Turn up the beats, grab a cold one and enjoy the awesome weather. I’m off to the beach to blast some tunes, hope you guys are doing something fun too. Stay smart, and stay bad.


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Ian Burka
Ian Burka


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