Jackin' It With My BAE: Our Fav Couples in Dance Music

The dance music scene is one of peace, unity, respect, but most importantly, love! So it's no surprise that there are quite a few couples who have paired off within the industry. These are our top eight:

8.Sebastian Ingrosso and Kinda Hamid

We all know that former SHM member Sebastian Ingrosso is super talented, but did you know his wife is musically gifted as well? Kinda Hamid is a singer/songwriter, as well as mother to their two daughters. They've been married for the past 3 years and are still going strong. 

7. Sidney Samson and Eva Simons

Dutch house producer, Sidney Samson and his wife Eva Simons are too cute together. You probably know Eva from the ever so popular track, "Take Over Control" by Afrojack. Eva's vocals are also featured on her collab track with her hubby, "Celebrate the Rain." 

6. Robbie Rivera and Monica Olabarrieta

Robbie and Monica are a total power couple in the EDM scene. He throws down the sick house beats and she's in charge of the business side of things. They even co-founded their own record label - Juicy Music - together. These two prove it's possible to work with your significant other without ruining the relationship!

5. Sleepy and Boo


This NYC-based DJ duo are not only a perfect match behind the booth, they also happen to be married. They are known for their diversity in their sets, going from funky house beats to banging drums. The fact that they have made a career out of playing together is pretty adorable and their chemistry is evident in all of their music.

4. Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg

Probably the most attractive couple in the world of dance music, these two are the power couple of techno. Beyer, the creator of Drumcode, and his gorgeous wife Ida are both amazing techno producers and DJs. The two are constantly traveling all around the world for gigs together, whether they're playing a solo set or b2b. The couple had their first child together in 2011 and they have another little techno baby on the way!

3.Yasmine Yousaf and Leighton James

Krewella and Adventure Club are two super popular DJ groups in the EDM scene right now, and the relationship between members Krew's Yasmine "Yazzy" and AC's Leighton seems to give them a super boost when it comes to their fanbase. Maybe it's because Yazzy calls Leighton the "Canadian to [her] bacon"? We love this couple, and can't wait to see their eventual wedding!

2. Pasquale Rotella and Holly Madison


The king of event planning and the former Girls Next Door star are one of the most well-known couples in our scene. Pasquale is the founder of Insomniac Events, AKA the founder of some of the best days/nights of our young adult lives, and Holly is always there right along-side him. In true bunny fashion, Holly is always decked out in fab rave outfits when she attends the festivals that Pasquale throws. They also have a beautiful daughter named Rainbow Aurora. The name alone makes it clear that she is the ultimate rave baby.

1. Laidback Luke and Gina Turner


These two talented artists and new parents are in our opinion the cutest couple in all of EDM. They've both made names for themselves as solo artists, but are also known to come together for some sweet collaborations, like the recently released (and appropriately titled) "BAE". These two dance music powerhouses share a love for working out, dirty beats, their fans, but above all else, their new baby girl EvaLina, who can be seen below modeling some custom "Babies Love Beats" onesies we made her a few months back.  (Trying to ensure she inherits the family business.)

Honorable Mentions:

Skrillex and Ellie Goulding

These two are no longer a thing, but damn were they an awesome couple. Ellie has an amazing voice that is featured regularly in the EDM scene and we all know how amazingly talented Skrill is. It's too bad that they aren't a couple anymore, but the two of them seem very happy with their current SO's, Charmaine and Dougie.

And as for our Least Favorite EDM Couple:

Afrojack and Paris Hilton

I think we can all agree that these two were a pretty terrible match. It's also apparent that this relationship is the reason why Paris decided to hop on the EDM bandwagon and become a "DJ." Or maybe it was the other way around... No idea what Afrojack was thinking during this time, but we're glad that time has passed!

Who are your favorite couples in EDM? Let us know!

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Chelsea Broughton
Chelsea Broughton


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