My Night with Ashley Wallbridge

So every Thursday night, a few of us have this tradition of going to Lavo Nightclub here in NYC intending to have the wildest night of our young adult lives. Every Thursday we try to top the last, and sure enough, it keeps working for us. Last night was no different. 
Ashley Wallbridge is a DJ I discovered with team member Taryn when we were looking for new tunes this past New Years. I throw a party almost every New Years (wink, wink - Bad Kids nation) typically down in Philly for my closest friends (wink, wink again - and this year might be a little different), and that is when we both fell in love. We immediately Tweeted at him telling him when we finally get to meet how magical and memorable that moment will be. Well, that magical moment finally happened last night.
We met up with good friend and #BADDAYCLUB headliner, Tyler Sherritt, and he introduced us to Ashley. We sat down at Lavo's restaurant upstairs and the Bad Kids gang, in typical fashion, ordered our usual array of shots and mixed drinks - proving that we truly are bar room champs, living up to our reputation. Ashley was eating Lavo's signature spaghetti and meatballs and of course, as a perfect way to introduce oneself, I decided to join in on the food fest - right off the kid's plate. Sorry, I'm still not sorry - home girl was hungry and it looked really good! Needless to say - Ashley Wallbridge is a tolerant, understanding, and laid back dude who does not care if random girls he just met eat off his plate.
Great first impression - starting off the night right on the weird scale as always. We head down to our table that Tyler's manager Jess so kindly invited us to join and Ashley hits the deck around 1am. We drink, we dance, we lip sync to tracks with lyrics, we make asses out of ourselves due to lack of coordination on the dance floor, we are super merry. Ashley is tearing it UP! HOLY MOLY this kid is out of control I'm pretty sure Lavo turned up the volume just for this guy because the place was RATTLING with bass. I go nearing every Thursday and I had never heard the sound like this before. Magical. 

Banger, after banger, after banger
- Ashley was on fire and of course Taryn and some of the BK crew got to stand along side him while he rocked the house. Got some amazing classic 90's tracks in there, some Show Me Love which is my all time favorite, threw in some headbangers and every song you could possibly want to sing along to on your thirsty Thursday night out. If you haven't listened to Ashley yet, seriously get on it and check him out here:

I will leave you with two notes: First - make sure you find a time to see Ashley live. He is one of those energetic, fresh faces in the scene that will be so enjoyable to watch move up the dance music ranks. We salute you dude, good work out there. Second - this picture sums up my night. Everyone was making fun of my Tony Montana inspired jacket, but frankly I think its pretty boss. I challenge you all to caption this photo where Bad Kids' COO Harrison is yelling something seemingly violent at me. I THINK what he was saying was:
Oh and Ashley liked this picture on Instagram, so I guess that means we are friends now? YUP.  

See ya out there this weekend Bad Kids - Bounce Boat tonight with Just Blaze and Marquee tomorrow for Cash Cash. Hit us up if you want to join the madness, you know your always welcome:

Stay Bad,

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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