Sets You Can't Miss at Moonrise Festival

So here we are, another weekend upon us and another festival graces us with it’s presence. I’m super amped about this one as it brings us back to my home state, Maryland. The home of crabs, Under Armour, lacrosse, the best flag and many other great things, is about to have a new festival under it’s belt: Moonrise Festival. Under heavy scrutiny, Moonrise is set for it’s inaugural debut after cancelling last year just weeks before the event.

I really can’t express how excited I am for this festival. Not only do we have a killer lineup to look forward to, but Bad Kids has a merch be on the lookout for all things BAD, including some brand new gear! I will also be on the grounds filming, so say hi if you catch me wandering around.

There are so many amazing performers, it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to a few choices but I’ll give you some intel on who I think will be at the tops of their game.


Gazzo- There is no better way to start a festival with an amazing performance right off the bat, so make sure you get to the Solar Dance Tent Saturday at 11. Gazzo is making waves in the scene due to his ability to mix in classics of all genres with new beats and will kick off the party right! Be sure to stick around for The Disco Fries right after because there are surprises and new tracks in store. You can catch me around the stage for these guys for sure!

Adventure Club- Closing down the mainstage after a legend like Kaskade is no easy task, but these boys will be more than up for the challenge. They just threw down a killer set at Governors Island and the fact that we will be treated to a 2 hour set is amazing! I’m hoping for a little guest appearance by Snails on stage.

Tritonal- Ever since I saw these guys at EDCNY 2012, I’ve become a huge Tritonian. One of the most epic shows I’ve ever seen was Dave’s homecoming to Echostage (he’s originally from Virginia) and I can’t wait to see hear some sneak peaks off their new EP.

Kaskade- Obviously. But you also can’t go wrong with Clockwork who is on at the same time.

Sound Remedy- This guy has some awesome and unique D’n’B/chillstep remixes.

Audien- One of the biggest producers on the rise. His track, “Hindsight,” was huge this year, along with his remix of Bastille’s “Pompeii.”


Zed’s Dead- Easily one of my favorite acts this year. They have been tearing things up on stage with some of their new productions.

Tchami- One of the biggest risers in the scene! As the deep house genre continues to grow more mainstream, you will hear his name more and more. His remixes and productions have been awesome recently.

Brillz- The first set I tuned into on the Lollapalooza live stream last week was Brillz and they played one hell of a party set.

Rusko- When the BKC crew first took to Bounce Boat this summer, Rusko headlined with a wild set, even mixing in some swing tracks.

Shiba San- If you’re into deep/tech house at all, do not miss this guy. And honestly if you’re not, check it out. There's no better place to experiment than a festival.

CRNKN- This guy is one of my fave upcoming young guns. He always manages to make an interesting remix or original and his sets are a lot of fun.

Victor Niglio- Coming down 95 from Philly, Niglio is one of the biggest names on the rise in trap. Trust me, you will have an awesome time at his set.

Orjan Nilsen- One of the few trance artists on the lineup; if you want to go on an emotional rollercoaster ride make sure to check him out. Honestly, trance is a completely different experience in person so I seriously recommend seeing Orjan.

Well there we have it. With a diverse line-up like Moonrise has, you’re going to have an amazing time no matter who you see...I just like to give you guys a little extra spice to add to your adventure that you may not have thought of before. Whether you’re more excited for the big names or checking out guys you’ve never heard of before, I hope all of you have an amazing time. Make sure to stay safe and keep hydrated because you need to keep your body fueled when dancing. Look out for each other because we’re all one big rave family. Remember to check out the Bad Kids merch table where we’ll be debuting some brand new gear. And be on the lookout for me roaming around, rocking a BAD snapback, acting like a maniac and filming everything.

Lets show Maryland what it really means to be BAD.

See ya guys soon,



Ian Burka
Ian Burka


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