The 5 Stages Everyone Goes Through at Their First Bad Kids Event

With our next big rager, #BADbirthdayclub, just a few weeks away, we thought it would be wise to help prepare those of you who've never been to a Bad Kids event by giving you a little preview of how your day is probably going to go.

These are the 5 Stages Everyone Goes Through at Your First Bad Kids Event:


Assuming you show up at a decent hour, when you first walk into one of our #BADdayclub parties, it might be a little tamer than you expected.  

You might be thinking to yourself "I don't see any robots? I don't see any life-sized bananas or lasers or people fornicating on the dancefloor?"

And that's your first mistake, kids, because you let your guard down. The second you think you're badder than the party, you might as well wave your white flag and surrender because as far as the bad life is concerned, Check and Mate! 


You've been at the party for over an hour, and you're starting to get a buzz on.

Between the influx of party people, old and new, the killer beats from the various DJs on the lineup, the scenic view of Manhattan from the Attic Rooftop, and the epic vodka open bar by PRUV Vodka - you're starting to feel pretty damn good.

 You might even be breaking out a couple of dance moves... and you're just warming up!


When did you go from two-stepping in conversation to breakdancing in the middle of a huge Bad Kids dance circle?

Couldn't tell ya - but it doesn't matter because this is the best Saturday of your young adult life, kid, and you have to embrace this moment of pure joy for all that it is.  

Dance like a fool. Kiss a stranger. Let your freak flag FLY because this is one of those events where weirdness is encouraged and in fact, celebrated. 

This is where the Bad Kids addiction normally begins...


"Is this real life?!" That statement can either imply that everything is so good you can't believe it's real, or that you legitimately don't know what the fuck is going on, and need someone to verify that whatever you're baring witness to is in fact real life.

Typically this ITRL?! phase occurs right around the time that The Dream Lab bots show up and blast everyone in the face with their C02 guns and Team Kitty Koalition's babes get up on the deck to shake it. 

Let's just say this: Anything can happen, (and it usually does) so brace yourself for partial-nudity, hyperactivity, sexual advances from handsome robots, spontaneous bar dancing, champagne showers, and so on.


It's 10PM, the Bad Kids party is over, but you just spent 7 hours raging your face off with some of the Baddest Kids in Manhattan, and technically, the night is young.

So you and 400 of your newest, closest friends, walk out of the Attic, licking PRUV vodka and birthday cake off of your bodies, already making plans for the next Bad Kids event.  You can't stop talking about how SICK the headliner Kasum was (especially his remix of Sum 41's "In Too Deep"), while slapping #INEEDANORKASUM stickers on everyone you see.

And then as you make your way to the next party destination because you're that much of a boss, you have a fresh take on what it means to be young wild and free in NYC.  

Welcome to the Bad Life.

Experience all of these phases and more at #BADbirthdayclub on Saturday, September 13th at Attic Rooftop and Lounge in NYC from 3PM - 10PM! 

Get tickets now and start assembling your Dayclub crew - this one is gonna be off the charts cray.  


Full Event Details:


This Event is 21+

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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