Why Our Headliner Kasum Will Give You an #OrKasum You Didn't Know You Needed at #BADDayclub

The first time I heard Kasum's name was back in May, a few weeks before our first #BADdayclub at Avenue Nightclub, which was also our official departure from the long-running EDM Brunch party we were known for hosting. 

The lineup for Dayclub had already been locked in with our favorite NYC BADboy Tyler Sherritt headlining, supported by the likes of AylenRonin and No_Sheep. However, our videographer Ian - who has an unreal ability to forecast who will be hot in the dance music world months in advance - kept bringing up the name "Kasum", an awesome up-and-coming DJ he'd discovered and had been listening to quite a bit.

I heard his name so much around the planning of Dayclub, that I finally felt the need to tweet him, asking if he was coming to our epic rager, because, as many of you know, we would much prefer to meet in person and show you what its like to The Bad Life!  One thing led to another, and within a week it was decided that although the lineup was already pretty stacked, we would cut out 30 minutes just for Kasum to make a guest appearance.

On the day of the event, Kasum walked into Avenue Nightclub, introduced himself to me as Brandon and I remember thinking immediately upon introduction, "Wow, he is a lot younger than I expected!" Not Madeon young, but younger than I would've guessed for the significant recognition he was receiving at the time. He was also so quiet and polite, it was hard to imagine him being a wild and crazy DJ-type. In fact, at first glance there was no indicator that he was into dance music at all.  But, I should've known better to never judge a book by its cover, because we soon learned that Brandon could throw down with the best of them.

Now just to preface this, the first Dayclub we had was a full on RAGER. I mean, by the end ... well ... let's just say that many of the 500 or so attendees should be thankful that photography wasn't permitted for our event (seriously, it was full on bananas.) But for the first couple hours of the party, it was a much smaller, calmer crowd, consisting of kids who were there early to catch up with us in person over drinks before the raging truly began. 

When Brandon's set time came, he didn't really have the ridiculous and roaring crowd that usually occurs later in the evening at a Bad Kid's event - rather a group of people that were chit chatting and mingling, trying to pace themselves so they had a fighting chance of walking out of Dayclub on their own.  A lot of DJs in that situation would've gotten up there, kept their heads down and played the best set they could to get the crowd's energy levels up to the best of their ability. But Brandon did no such thing.  Without hesitation he grabbed the mic the second he was in the booth and SCREAMED, "ARE YOU GUYS READY TO RAGE?!" like he was Krewella ready to rock out onstage at Ultra Music Festival or something.

The crowd responded immediately.  People stopped talking and actually started to go totally and completely nuts - shouting, jumping up and down and moving closer to Kasum as he threw down a set full of some truly unexpected tracks and remixes - most notably, his remix of Sum 41's In Too Deep, which was a personal favorite of mine being that I watched that music video on TRL a million times when I was younger.

Kasum made a huge impression on everyone in attendance that day, and a few months later, he made an impression on anyone with a Soundcloud account, as that same In Too Deep remix was released and earned Kasum the #1 spot on Hype Machine. If you don't know already, Hype Machine is a website that constantly scours the top music blogs to determine which new tracks are being played the most at any given moment.  Getting to #1 on that website is a huge achievement especially considering how much music is posted online these days. 

It took Kasum just a few days to reach #1 once the mix was released and he sat up there for a little over a day before coming down - super DOPE in Hype Machine world! Even better, Sum 41 themselves actually posted Kasum's mix on their social media accounts and the band commented on how much they liked his melodic dance mix version. The ultimate complement.

Kasum is one of the only artists I've heard who has been able to mix dance music with other genres like alternative or punk rock in a way that is more about the melody than it is about the bass drop. He is creative, vivacious and a total weirdo at times, just like the Bad Kids crew. Hence why Kasum is the perfect dude to headline the return of BAD Dayclub at The Attic Rooftop in NYC on September 13th (little over a week away!!!) We are sure he is going to close out summer in the most epic way possible, all while celebrating a TON of birthdays from our team, friends and family. 

Check out this recap video of his performance at BeachGlow Music Festival earlier this summer which was shot and edited by our own videographer, Ian - mentioned above for being a certified bad ass. 

This video definitely gives you a taste for how much energy Kasum has once he's onstage, which you will get to see LOTS of next Saturday during Dayclub.

So make sure you get tickets, kids - this event WILL sell out and there's no known cure for FOMO...

Click the image below for full event details and to purchase tickets!

Make sure to keep up with Kasum on social!

Facebook /ka5um
Twitter @itskasum
Soundcloud /kasum

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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