#BADdayclub: New Kids on the Block - Teknartist and Ryan Farber

Our lineup for tomorrow's #BADdayclub event couldn't be more awesome. Each artist is so ridiculously talented and has a truly unique style to their sound. If any of you kids come wearing your FUCK GENRES, LETS DANCE tanks, you'll be right on the money as this lineup will be giving you all genres.

Three of our dayclub artists, Kasum, No_Sheep and Peter Brennan & TCUP, are all part of our DJ Spotlight artists and have all played one of our epic ragers in the past, but there are two new Bad Kids on the block, so to speak - and they just so happen to be best friends!

Here's a little preview of #BADdayclub artists, Teknartist and Ryan Farber:


Coedy Girard, otherwise known as Teknartist, got his big break in 2013 when he was handpicked by R3hab himself to open for the DJ at his show on Governor's Island. Since then, Coedy's popularity has increased exponentially, turning the heads of some well respected artists and influencers in the dance music industry.  His EP, Critical Mass, was released on the world renowned Cr2 Records, which has hosted releases from David Guetta, Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand, Steve Angello, Avicii, and Deadmau5.  

Since opening for R3hab, Coedy has continued to gain support from artists like Ookay, Jacob van Hague, Lucky Date, and Stafford Bros.


If you want to see him after his special guest closing set at #BADdayclub tomorrow, you will have plenty of opportunity as he has a ton of upcoming shows booked, most notably opening for Cedric Gervais and Duke Dumont, and has a ton of original tracks about to be released with artists like Victor Niglio and 5 and a Dime.  

We've been trying to find an event to work with Coedy for a while now and are STOKED that he could jump on the lineup to close out this 7 hour rager.  

Check out some of his most listened to tracks below:



Ryan Farber is the kid you don't see coming - but we promise you he is coming, and you will be seeing more and more of him over the coming months.

Farber isn't your typical up-and-coming DJ.  At first glance he seems like the quiet, introspective, creative type who doesn't feel the need to vie for attention like a lot of other artists do.  He is the sleeper artist of electronic music, and it isn't until he gets in the booth that you see that his music speaks for itself.  He's already gained support from artists like Bixel Boys and Go Freek, with lots more to follow.

AND, he has a secret weapon. Besides his impressive production skills, he has a knack for photography - and by "knack" we mean a true, god-given talent.  

He's taken the headshots for almost every artist in the Philly EDM space, and most recently gained the praise of Kanye West himself after photographing him at Made in America a couple weeks ago: 

Check out the rest of his photography HERE:

In fact, Farber will be double-dutying it on Saturday, opening the event as the first guy behind the booth, then spending the rest of the event taking epic photos of you screaming, "I am a GOLDEN GOD!", before taking off all of your clothes and attempting to twerk with our dance team, Team Kitty Koalition. 

More seriously, Farber's ability to double as a DJ/photographer allow him to see dance music culture from both ends of the spectrum.

From down in the crowds taking photos of EDM obsessed fans, and then up on the decks playing the tunes that he and his fans love. Having that double perspective really allows him to play to the crowd, understand the culture and engage in a way that is different from other acts out there. Hence why we refer to it as his "secret weapon".

Be sure to check out our #BADdayclub recap album with all the shots throughout the day, compliments of this guy!

Check out some of Farber's tracks below: 

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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