“BAD is the New Good” - The 2014 Fall Collection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “BAD is the New Good” - The 2014 Fall Collection

NEW YORK – September 18, 2014 – Bad Kids Collective, a dance music-inspired lifestyle brand, is proud to officially announce its Fall Collection - “BAD is the New Good.” The collection features pieces for both men and women including sweatshirts, sweatpants, long sleeve crops and shirts, fitted crops, t-shirts, tank tops, beanies, snapbacks and more.  Once focusing solely on neon-inspired rave apparel, Bad Kids takes a different path to create a collection dedicated to lifestyle wear for the fall and winter seasons. The design focus is heavy on black and white typography featuring both muted and limited stand out fall colors to define rave apparel for the season. The collection is a blend between Bad Kids-branded pieces, playing off the company’s original design, “BADx,” that gained them credibility in early 2014, and dance music culture-inspired themes and sayings.

Studying the evolving trends in dance music culture, the Bad Kids team noticed a void when they began concepting the Fall Collection. With so many options to choose from during the festival season, it has been consistently hard to find apparel that can be worn anytime or anywhere (especially in the colder months) that truly captured the essence of dance music culture. There has been a need for ready-to-wear rave apparel - pieces that can translate from day to night seamlessly and effortlessly. The Fall Collection was designed for individuals who want to showcase their love of dance music around the clock – whether checking out a world renowned DJ at one of the trendiest clubs in New York or relaxing during the weekend with close friends.

“We wanted to create every day, dance music-inspired apparel that showcases who we are here at Bad Kids but also touches on the music culture that is ever-evolving and is still relatively young in the scheme of things. We wanted to create something a bit more mature, sophisticated and subtle, taking our apparel vision in a totally different direction from what we have produced in the past.”

– Kayla Colby, Apparel, Bad Kids Collective

With trends in the dance music space changing rapidly, the Bad Kids team has worked to adapt in tandem. The team wanted to create a collection that caters to all the different aspects of dance music culture. The end goal in building out a line that represents the changes within this movement has been to allow everyone and anyone to find a piece that resonates with them, regardless of genre preference, age, background, or anything else for that matter.  

“Designing a well-rounded collection was something we put a lot of emphasis on in the planning phases. We wanted to create a line that had something for everyone, while still keeping the Bad Kids edge in the forefront – that is what we have always tried to do here at Bad Kids. However, this time we stepped out of our comfort zone and think it's our best work to date.”

- Lex Houser, Founder, Bad Kids Collective

In addition to producing 25 new designs, Bad Kids teamed up with partner, Coquetry Clothing, and will offer leggings and skirt options on its site as well. The bottoms are a perfect complement to the pieces showcased in the Fall Collection and are noteworthy for being breathable, fashionable, comfortable, and form fitting (regardless of body type.) Not to mention, the patterns and fabrics are wild, allowing one to stand out no matter what the occasion.

“BAD is the New Good” is considered edgy, provocative and different, while still remaining relatable. With an underlying message of “feel comfortable in expressing yourself” and “live life to the fullest,” the lifestyle look book says it all, capturing the attitude and tone of the collection so you can best see how to pair outfits for day and night wear. So… wondering what “BAD is the New Good” really means? It’s simple – this fall it is all about living in the moment, celebrating life and embracing the music movement that is taking the nation by storm. If you can do that day in and day out, you know you truly are a Bad Kid. Welcome to the Bad Life.

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About Bad Kids Collective

Bad Kids Collective is an EDM-inspired lifestyle company that provides events, apparel, content and a network to those passionate about electronic music culture. The brand’s origins stem from its apparel business - printing t-shirts, tanks and crop tops for major EDM festivals and shows. However, the New York and Philadelphia-based Company has become best known for its unrivaled events, unique activation tactics and thought-leadership within the dance music movement. Reaching over 20,000+ fans via social media, Bad Kids has an extensive and loyal following of like-minded electronic dance music lovers from all over the country. The Bad Kids VIP Membership Program is comprised of 1,000 highly qualified individuals who the brand is in constant communication with and who have extreme leverage in purchasing decisions. Founders Lex Houser and Andi Cross have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Elite Daily, Perez Hilton, Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, and other major media for their work in event production, fashion and pop-culture trending. For more information please visit:






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