The BADWeekend: Porter Robinson, Hardrock Sofa, Gareth Emery, Pruv Vodka Launch Party and More

Anddd we’re BACK with a brand new blog series that you kids are gonna love!  Introducing:  BADWeekend - The Art of Partying.

This weekly feature will be a true insider's look at all the can't-miss electronic dance music events happening in NYC for the upcoming weekend - whether it be catching What So Not at our grungy warehouse fav Slake, or Tyler Sherritt at our house music meca, Marquee, or getting hit with Eric Prydz’s laser beams during Epic 3.0 at Madison Square Garden - Bad Kids will be in attendance and with this new #BADweekend rundown, hopefully so will you!

The #BADweekend is your #1 resource for how to live like a Bad Kid in New York City, as well as Philly and DC, letting you in on our party secrets, plans and updates each week so you can be in the know and let your freak flag fly with us! Anyone will tell you, our weekend adventures are ALWAYS something to write home about - opening doors you never thought imaginable, making introductions to friends that might change your life forever and making memories that will last you a lifetime.

Get in touch with us if you want to know why it feels so good to be bad.  We’re always looking to get new kids in the mix!  Here’s to a #BADweekend.


Who: Hardrock Sofa
Where: Lavo NY
Event Info/Tickets:

Typically,Thursday night is a big one for us Bad Kids because we LOVE, love, love going to Lavo for their infamous #LavoThursdays. This Thursday we're checking out one of our original favs Hard Rock Sofa Here We Go, anyone? ) around midnight and likely will be pregaming at a local watering hole to prep for a long night out. If you're ready for the weekend, and ready to get up for work on Friday after you've been raging with the Bad Kids all night, then grab your tickets because HERE WE GO. 


Who: Gareth Emery
Where: Webster Hall
Event Info/Tickets:

When the clock strikes fuck-this-shit-oclock, it's officially time to TGIF, and we're starting early on Friday since we're going to see Gareth Emery at Webster Hall - VIP style. It’s a pretty awesome deal that you kids should jump on ASAP if you're down to party - $80 gets you access to the top deck of the venue AND an open bar (yep – shit is going to get 100% weird!) On Fridays we like to dance the night away like nobody's watching, so anywhere that has ample room to get loose when the beat drops with our ridiculous dance moves all in celebration of the blessed weekend, works for us! 


What: Pruv Vodka Official Launch Party
Where: TAJ
Event Info/Tickets:

The day into night escapades are so absurd this Saturday… god help us all. We are going to kick off the day at TAJ for the PRUV Vodka Launch Party around 3pm. Knowing these guys for as long as we have, we can assure you this will be a wild one. If you plan on attending, make sure you dress to impress as this is a fancy affair!

Bonus: Use the discount code BADKIDS at checkout to get $10 off your ticket - compliments of BKC (you can thank us later!)

Who: Porter Robinson
Where: Terminal 5
Event Info:
Where to Find Tickets (Sold Out Show):

Saturday night we are heading to Terminal 5 from 8pm – 12am to see the one and only Porter Robinson on one of this Worlds North America Tour stops. The word on the street is that this show is going to be more of a revolutionary audio experience, with live performances and unique components setting Porter, yet again, ahead of the times. So hell yeah we can’t miss this one!  Getting there early too because the openers, Giraffage, Lemâitre are gold. 

Who: Bondax
Where: Slake
Event Info/Tickets:

As we all know, Terminal 5 shows end early so you might find us post midnight at our stomping ground, Slake to check out Bondax – great way to meet up if don’t have tickets to the sold out Porter show, that is! 


Who: Porter Robinson
Where: Terminal 5
Event Info/Tickets:

If you're feeling spicy, some of the Bad Kids will be heading BACK to Terminal 5 for Porter Robinson yet again, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything on Saturday. Those are the brave ones – but as for me – you can find me dining on the Upper West Side, binge-eating brunch somewhere delightful, recapping the weekend of what I am sure will be sheer madness.

Where will you kids be headed in the city that never sleeps?  

Tweet us @badkidsco and use the hashtag #BADweekend so we can keep up with you kids!

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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