The BAD Weekend Recap: A Very NYC Halloween

For a Bad Kid, technically every day is Halloween. 

If you live The Bad Life, then you know what it's like to have people stare at you, either because of your insane outfit of choice, or your socially unacceptable dance moves, or because you're laughing so loud that your happiness can't be ignored.  

It's not that we're an obnoxious crew per say - we just don't allow society's definition of fun dictate ours. You think you know what an epic night out feels like? If you haven't spent a night out with us Bad Kids - you ain't seen nothin yet. 

That being said, here’s how our Halloween weekend went down:


Thirsty Thursday started out more like Hungry Hungry Hippo Thursday as we ate our body weight in BBQ at Blue Smoke with some friends we haven’t seen in a while. Bad Kids + Eating = typical way in which we celebrate.

After a brief pop into Lavo in which Dash Berlin literally stepped on my toes (I’m not even mad about it) we headed to The Four Seasons where we drank quite a few Zacapa rum beverages, toasted to the road ahead and had a classy evening amongst bar nuts and tiny pretzels (how classy are we?!)

Then we somehow managed to make our way to Rose / Jade Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel where we were eventually kicked out of Rose for our exceptionally rowdy behavior and had to resort to Jade, playing never-have-I-ever for 2 hours, calling out members of our team for eachother’s ridiculous antics.

*Sidenote, you’re never too old for a good game of Never Have I Ever.

A solid night overall, as it ended with an Uber ride uptown blaring La Bouche's "Be My Lover" and singing at the top of our lungs until our driver’s ears started bleeding, at which point we kindly stopped.


Come 7:30pm on Friday night, our apartment looked like a massive Bad Kids army assembling before going into ultimate party mode at the Dream Downtown - the Gallery, featuring DJs Marcus Schossow, No_Sheep, Traviswild and Mighty Ror.

We knew this party was going to be one of those "line-around-the-block-pray-to-god-your-name-is-actually-on-the-guest-list" kind of events. Every single person in the entire New York area was out in the streets, guns a blazing, ready to throw down as hard as possible, and this specific venue just happened to be one of the hottest destinations in the city. Show was sold out, tickets were going for over $300 and everyone was trying to find any name in their mental rolodex to get them in the door if they were unlucky in securing tickets in advance. For this exact reason, we wanted to lock in a section specifically for the Bad Kids WEEKS in advance so that we had a home base for our crew all night long. We also knew half the crew would want to rub up on some random, grind up on them, make them feel dangerous but also safe at the same time (name that movie for 100 BADx points ...)

If you were at the designated Bad Kids section for even a minute (please note that our area was right next to the bar, exactly where us barbarians belong), you were required by Bad Kids LAW to go HARD - like, EDC Vegas hard. Dancing up on all the inflatable animals that somehow found their way to our table, lip syncing dramatically with imaginary microphones to songs our friends No_Sheep were throwing down just for us, shuffling in stilettos - the usual.

This is where there becomes a very distinct difference between those that subscribe to The Bad Life philosophy and those that do not. To each his own, but sorry, we are definitely not sorry for behaving like wild animals on every surface of that venue - dancing on the couches, tables, on each other, to infinity and beyond.

We were up close and personal with No_Sheep, just in time to get this amazing video of the boys doing what they do best. Couldn't be more proud of them as our relationship runs deeper than just business - these guys are some of our dearest and bahhhdest friends in the biz (get it, get it, see what I did there?!)

The baddest of us closed down the venue at 4am after watching our boy Marcus Schossow kill it with another outstanding set. Keep an eye on this guy - he is truly one to watch over the coming months as we know his team has some major things in the works and his popularity grows daily.

The night ended with a final stop at the infamous Artichoke Pizza on 10th Ave, where we pretty much disintegrated into a pile of molecules at a table until an angel from above placed that delicious pizza into our mouths. Not gonna lie, getting into that pizza shop was harder than it is to get into most nightclubs in Manhattan. It took two bouncers to block screaming psychos from plowing their way into the venue to binge eat everything in sight. Apologies to our Uber driver for the snoring on the way home and for any residual drool left on the window ledge…  

Whatever, it was Halloween, we all knew how this would end.


Here’s the Saturday equation:

3 Hours of Sleep + Bagel + 4 Hours of Sleep + Gatorade + 3 Hours of Sleep + Dinner + Shower + Rally + Spontaneous Costume Creation + Freezing Cold + Party Hopping until 3am + Big Nicks Burger Joint and Pizza Joint Too = Partying for a Living

Our initial plan was to head to the BK Lounge around midnight to see deep house maverick, Hot Since 82. But when we found out that our new friend DJ Smitty was opening for The Disco Fries at Haus, we decided a "first stop" was necessary.

DJ Smitty - also known as Matt Smith - may have one of the most generic names in the history of all time, however his production skills are ANYTHING but.

In fact, Smitty may just be our new favorite DJ - infusing deep house beats with our favorite progressive and trance-tastic ballads, mixing classic soul with a funky bassdrum sound.

An Uber ride later and we were at stop number two - Output in Brooklyn. The Funktion-One sound system (the best sound system in the world, dontcha know?) was in full effect and we could hear the sound booming out of the building from around the corner, beckoning us inside. Oh and it was ridiculously cold all of a sudden. Seriously, WTF happened to Fall??  

Luckily we were hurried along into the front doors of Output and the venue was in, what I like to call, "perfect swing" where there simply was not one person standing still. Everyone was noticeably in a great mood and the crowd was dancing like one big happy family, getting super weird and funky together. No pictures, no videos, no unnecessary shoving, no tables and sectioning off one group from another - all reasons why Output is literally the ultimate club in the New York area in our opinion. There is nothing I hate more than going to a venue where I am squeezed in between two gigantic dudes, sweating profusely and jumping up and down aggressively, getting partially getting beat up in the process while their beers are spilling all over me til I’m a soaked, sticky, frat bro magnet because I reek of alcohol even after a solid shower or two. We never have to worry about this at Output - hence why we always head back for more!

Shocked that come 3am we are even still standing (technically 4am with daylight savings), we head back to the Upper West Side and go to the one and only, Big Nicks Burger Joint and Pizza Joint Too, ending the night with mashed potatoes and gravy, a bunch of french onion soups and lots and lots of onion rings.  

We want to give a special thanks to all those who participated in this Halloween weekend of madness! You are some of the funnest, most-engaging and incredible people we have ever met and it is because of kids like you that our BAD Weekends are so memorable.

Tonight a crew is heading to Alesso at Webster Hall as we can't say goodbye to the weekend quite yet, so if you plan on attending, make sure you let us know. 

In fact, This entire week is jammed packed with amazing events in NYC and you bet your BADass you’ll see the Bad Kids out and about. 

Stay bad with our entire crew and tweet at us @badkidsco or Andi @arcross to get involved and live The Bad Life with the Bad Kids.

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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