5 Awesome Sets from Escape All Hallows' Eve 2014

On Sunday, while driving home from NYC after one hell of a jam-packed Halloween weekend with our Bad Kids crew, I turned on SiriusXM (my go-to music listening service these days) and was elated to find that BPM was streaming live from Escape All Hallows' Eve in San Bernardino, California.

Long commutes are a bitch - unless you can drive home while simultaneously raging in the car along with a music festival livestream - then your commute turns into a 2 hour long PARTY. 


Luckily, I turned on BPM just as Armin was taking the stage for a set of epic proportions, which had to be inspired by the Audobon or some other long stretch of road in Europe made for driving fast, because it felt as if the entire set was composed to sync up perfectly with my dark and windy drive home.  

I'll admit, I'm not huge on trance. Don't get me wrong, trance is amazing, it's just not the genre I'd most associate myself with - I like a little more bounce in my dance music.  

However, this was one of those sets that made me understand why Armin makes people feel the way they do about his music.  It's not just a "set".  It's a symphony. His set was beautiful from start to finish and was my driving soundtrack the entire drive home to Philly.


I don't understand why everyone hates on The Chainsmokers the way that they do. Whenever someone says "I can't stand them" I always ask why, because I genuinely want to know where the dislike comes from, but I've never gotten a real answer.

So instead I'll tell you why I actually really truly love them: Besides the fact they played our 3rd EDM Brunch event in the Summer of 2013 and absolutely killed it with that set, The Chainsmokers bring something to the table that a lot of other DJs do not - track selection skills, most specifically in the indie alt electro genre.  Their sets always introduce me to new, melodic tracks that are infused with the big room bangers we all love, creating a really interesting and dynamic festival set, like this one: 


When you start your set off with an adrenaline-infused remix of ACDC's If You Want Blood - you've got my undivided attention.

Not to mention, Deorro is officially a Bad Kid as of this past weekend, so I've already got some good Panda Funk vibes coming from this guy. This set is fun and high energy with some great throwback samples. Perfect Halloween festival set!


Sander almost always makes the cut when it comes to best sets because he is consistent in finding a way to blend old and new together while still maintaining an original sound.


You just can't go wrong with Sander and this Escape set is no exception: 


The Magician is a guy that the majority of the EDM world might be unfamiliar with right now, but in New York he is blowing up. So much so that our entire crew is going to see him at Output on Wednesday, November 5th, and we are EXTREMELY excited about this one.

Why? Well, take a listen...  

What were your favorite sets of the weekend, kids? Any favorites from HARD: Day of the Dead or Pier of Fear?

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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