Touch Down on Planet Dance Music: Alesso at Webster Hall Event Recap

A group of wildly committed and passionate Bad Kids went to see Alesso at Webster Hall last night in NYC, and I have to say, it might have been the best Monday night of my entire young adult life. Literally.

There was not a single person who wasn't completely and utterly blown away by his concert performance last night - including Alesso's own visual team, who can be seen singing along to his set in the video below, amidst orchestrating one of the most out of this world lightshows we've seen since Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour at Madison Square Garden. The show was off the charts fantastic.

We were lucky enough to be hanging out with those exceptionally talented VJs responsible for this spectacle of a show, as well as friend, Andrew Rauner, a known dance music photographer in the scene. Even from the best seats in the house, it was hard to capture a high quality-sounding video because the music was so big and so loud that it boomed through our bodies, bass-rattling our bones. Photos and videos cannot do it justice - you had to be in that room last night to get the full experience Alesso was clearly intent on delivering.

From the visual effects, the good vibes of the crowd, the bouncing of the second floor balcony due to every single person dancing in unison - this sure as hell kicked off "No Sleep November" (#NoSleepNov) in the best way possible. Even more impressive, the show was a philanthropic play for "Chime for Change" - a charity founded by fashion powerhouse Gucci which funds projects supporting education, health and justice for women all over the world.  Whoever Alesso has on his team knows what they're doing; This is how you stand out as an innovator in dance music culture.

If you didn't get a chance to see him tear off the roof last night, make sure you try to score tickets to the Tuesdayshow at Webster Hall, and if you by chance have any connection to SiriusXM, now is the time to secure your name on the guest list for Alesso's private show with Sirius XM's Electric Aquarium this Wednesday, November 5th at Gansevoort Park.

All I know is that last night, from the hours of 10:30pm - 12:00am, it felt like we had all touched down on "Planet Dance Music", throwing down as hard as we possibly could on a Monday while still making it to work in time - early, in fact - mainly because we couldn't sleep at all, still buzzing with all the positive energy we contracted from one of the better live shows we've witnessed in a long, long time.

For that, we thank you Alesso. 

Until next time, #STAYBAD.

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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