BAD Weekend Recap: The Best Weekend Ever with Steve Aoki, Cosmic Gate, Galantis, Tritonal, Oliver Heldens and More

Last week was literally a Bad Kids #NoSleepNov Marathon.

Starting on Monday we had show after show and party after party (tough life, huh?) and it was all about kicking off our #NoSleepNov campaign correctly.  As we've mentioned in the past, our weeks are commonly filled with countless hours of work and planning and organizing. Nearing 20 hour days of hustling around the clock - but this weekend we decided it was important to focus on getting out there, living each day like its your last day on earth and embodying what it really means to be BAD.

We recapped our experience at Alesso's Webster Hall show on Monday, as well as his private performance for SiriusXM's Electric Aquarium show on Wednesday, followed by The Magician later that evening at Output, but you didn't hear about Galantis, or Tritonal, or Oliver Heldens or anything about BEMF - so let us get you Bad Kids up to speed:


WHO: Galantis

WHEN: 10PM - 12PM

WHERE: Stage48

On Thursday night we headed to one of our favorite venues in the city, Stage 48, for an artist that we have grown to love, but haven't seen in person, Galantis. Our crew got there early enough to be allll the way up front. Booka Shade opened for Galantis and being 10 feet from a live set was one of the coolest EDM experiences we have had to date. And then Galantis... HOLY. SHIT. Of ALLLL the EDM shows we have been to this year, this may have been the best. These guys MURDERED it. When the show was almost over and we thought it couldn't get any better, they dropped the new Dillon Francis remix of U&I and everyone went absolutely nuts, we knew we had to see them a second time.


WHO: Steve Aoki

WHEN: 12:00pm - 2pm

WHERE: Philly Sound Studios

Talk about TGIF. When our friends at PRUV Vodka invited us to be a part of this exclusive Aoki Clubcast event hosted by Mixify, we invited everyone we know who loves EDM in the Philly area, and were of course met with questions and skepticism. "Steve Aoki? 50 people? The real Steve Aoki? Like he'll actually BE THERE? Performing?"

Yes. Steve Aoki performed to a room full of 50 kids in Philly on Friday afternoon, and let me tell you something - it was one of the most dynamic, versatile and impressive sets we've heard in a long time.  To quote our brand ambassador Timmy, "He's playing all genres!!!"

But literally, he played all genres. Anyone who finds a way to work Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple Haze' into his set and make it feel natural has some actual skills in my book.

We've seen Aoki before, but this was a long long time ago, back before Bad Kids ever existed. Since then, he's become a sort of character in the EDM world. The general perception isn't that Steve Aoki's sets and music is "so amazing" but that he has a fun gimmick. Well, we can speak for that entire room by saying the perception is not reality. Steve Aoki has real true talent, but it seems as though he's just now starting to focus on his music rather than his stage show.

The best thing about the show though, was Aoki's attitude. When you're performing to 3 television screens and 50 or so people, there's a lot less energy to feed off of compared to performing to a sold out show of hundreds if not thousands of screaming fans.  But it didn't phase Aoki, he was having a great time behind that booth - dancing to his own tracks, getting excited about his own drops, talking to the screens in India to make sure they were still with him, and about 20 minutes in to his set, our 50 person audience had the energy of 500.  

Towards the end of his set we had full on dance circles, screaming, shoulder rides - it was like we were at EDC Orlando, but we were in a small abandoned, newly renovated church.  Then Aoki invited all of us to get in the booth with him - something I've actually never in my days seen a DJ do.  Granted, it was a more controlled environment, but I give him a lot of credit for that one. Not many people will get to say they were behind the booth with Steve Aoki, literally touching him, squeezing him in fact, and he wasn't phased one bit. 

After his set he patiently took photos with everyone who wanted one, he thanked us for our energy and he also became a Bad Kid. 

WHAT: BEMF (Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival)

WHO: Galantis

WHEN: 10pm - 3am

WHERE: All over BK Lounge

On Friday and Saturday, the Bad Kids crew headed to Brooklyn to experience Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. BK photographer Harrison had the opportunity to bring his gear to the Music Hall of Williamsburg and was able to capture some epic shots while seeing Galantis and Booka Shade for the second night in a row. Again, Galantis did not disappoint, throwing down an incredible set. On Saturday the BK faithful met up at another one of our favorite clubs, Output, for the techno sounds of UK producer Eats Everything as well as our boy Beckwith upstairs in The Panther Room. Overall, BEMF was an awesome festival in that each of the "stages" was actually a different venue. Getting a festival pass was definitely the way to go since all of the locations are so close, we were able to bounce around all over the place!

WHO: Tritonal

WHEN: 10:00pm - 1:30am


We got to Lavo early on Friday.  A bunch of us didn't have tickets, and we decided the best bet was to get there before everyone else in the world showed up. So, we arrived at 10pm - got in no problem. Come 11pm the place was utterly and completely swarmed with people. We had the pleasure of meeting Chad from Tritonal and then were able to get up on decks for a hot second to greet Dave before the guys went on. We stayed for a few songs and decided it was time to migrate.

Lavo is amazing on a Friday - but when you have talent like Tritonal coming through a venue that holds only 600 people, they jam pack that place to the point of no return. This was one of those nights when having a table is the name of the game - otherwise, you become just another body getting shuffled around the room trying to find your friends half the night throughout the dimly lit venue. So ... off we went to our next destination. 

WHO: Oliver Heldens

WHEN: 1:30am - 5:30am


Although we were sad to leave Tritonal early, it was time to make moves across town to Pacha for the one and only Oliver Heldens - we weren't going to miss this guy coming through NYC. Hop in an Uber, check. Only $10 to get across the city, check. Everyone is happy, check! And man, oh man, what a show we got to see.

Oliver is officially my favorite DJ to date. He threw the fuck down. His set reminded me why I love this music. The place was packed, which was surprising to me because for some reason I was under the impression that Oliver was somewhat less mainstream. But everyone in the room knew exactly who he was and was there 100% to see him.  That's what is so interesting about the dance music scene in NYC - this city has it's finger planted firmly on the pulse of anything up and coming in EDM. Some might argue that Manhattan can make or break an artist, and in this case I might have to agree. 

The 17 year old's mom was actually in the booth with him, jamming away alongside her very talented son. I went down to the booth for approximately 5 seconds which was awesome, but my dancing shoes were on and I had to get back out to the floor to east and west coast shuffle for the duration of the night. I have been practicing the art of shuffling in my 7 inch monster heels (picture that).  It was nice to give it a go out in public for the world to see how horrific I really am when it comes to the art of dance.

We did that until about 5am when we decided it was time to get late night eats. We didn't want to go BACK to Artichoke Pizza since we had been to TWO locations on Wednesday, so we decided to hit up diners, and everything we tried was closed. Yep, we went out so hard on a Friday night that the diners were closed... must be a record or something. Or, we just decided to pick the only dines in NYC that were actually not 24 hours. Surprise, surprise.


WHO: Cosmic Gate

WHEN: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

WHERE: Scratch Music Academy, NYC

As if we hadn't partied enough this week, when suddenly our buddies PRUV Vodka invited us to see Cosmic Gate's 50-person private show presented by Mixify. We've been friends with Mixify for quite some time now, so getting the invite to this event was amazing and we were absolutely going to attend, no matter how late we stayed out the night before. The concept behind #CosmicClubCast was to stream a video of Cosmic Gate's 1.5 hour set to two clubs in India, similar to what they did down in Philly with Aoki. Double invites all the way!!!!! (If you get that reference, you win at life.)

It was a crazy intimate experience - we were up close and personal literally touching elbows with Claus and Stefan from the duo and of course, they threw down a trance set that had all 50 of us hooting and hollering. The PRUV boys were passing around a bottle of their signature EDM Flavored vodka with a go-pro attached (can't wait to see that footage, yikes!) and a good majority of the Bad Kids team were there dancing away as if we hadn't stayed out until 5AM the night before. #NoSleepNov for the win! 

We were able to see the two screens of young dance music lovers overseas enjoying the same set as us - worlds apart. It is amazing how technology can literally bring groups of people together, and how we all share this one common love of dance music and that connects us that much more. It was a pretty magical experience when you take the time to really think about the deep seeded connection EDM provides globally for Millennials. Yet again, why we do this all day, everyday.

We were lucky enough to meet the guys after their set and pass off some of our signature Bad Kids wristbands to the guys.

Welcome to The Bad Life, CG! 

So I will leave you with this. The kick off for #NoSleepNov was a wild success. We met some incredible new people along the way, we did some wild stuff and we legitimately got little to no sleep what-so-ever. The Bad Kids team cannot wait to share what adventures we are planning next, so make sure you stay tuned and come back for more. We would love to host you along the way so feel free to reach out to me (Andi Cross: andi@badkidscollective / @arcross) to learn more about where the party is at. In the meantime, see side effects of #NoSleepNov after a weekend like this:

Until next time, #StayBad!

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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