7 Reasons Why Kaskade is the Ryan Gosling of EDM

It occurred to us the other day - Kaskade is totally the Ryan Gosling of EDM. The similarities are impossible to ignore... for instance:

1) They both have that adorable half smile

The half smile: One side of the face is saying "Hi, I'm a fun, happy, humorous man!" While the other is saying "I am so GQ right now." Uh, SWOON.

2) They both are superheroes disguised as celebrities

Whether it's breaking up fights on the street or speaking up for the rights of the YouTube stars and kandi kids of the world, both of these Gods among men are clearly peacekeepers at heart.  Husband Material. 

Watch as Ryan Gosling breaks up a fight in NYC:

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" Yeah, Ryan f*****g Gosling showed up out no where and stopped a fight. What a great guy.

Then you have Kaskade, who publicly defended Youtube star Michelle Phan after she was was sued by Ultra Records for using his tracks in her ultra popular Youtube videos. Amongst the negative press, Kaskade took to twitter to step in:

Both of these guys repeatedly go out of their way to help strangers they don't know. Obviously they are the same person.

3) They both have the same first name. 

Ryan Raddon = Kaskade

Ryan Gosling = Ryan Gosling

They're both named Ryan. I repeat, THEY ARE BOTH NAMED RYAN. See what I mean??

4) They both are DILFs (Yes, Dads I'd Like to ....)

Kaskade and his wife Naomi have three daughters and Ryan Gosling recently had a baby girl with actress Eva Mendes, making them both incredibly attractive fathers. 

(That's not their real baby, but since we haven't seen a real photo yet, we'll pretend this one is real)

So what does this mean for us? It means all the other DILFs of the world need to step up their game because the Ryans are the hottest dads we've ever seen. Sorry, we're not sorry.

5) They both have some truly bizarre cat photos floating around

Self explanatory.


6. They both participated in Macaulay Culkin's shirt-within-a-shirt thing. 

Both of these icons saw the humor in shirtception, which led to this:


*Sidenote:  We here at Bad Kids took shirtception one step further, and Kaskade tweeted this:

7) They both can do no wrong. Ever.

Besides the fact that Ryan Gosling is smoking hot (Seriously, who DOESN'T want a slice of that cake) he is also quite the philanthropist and has supported causes such as ending HIV/AIDS and animal cruelty. Basically, he's perfect (but you already knew that).

Let's face it, everyone loves Kaskade. Even if you don't like Kaskade (you actually do you just don't know it yet) there's no denying hes EDM's favorite son. Whether he's defending EDM and all of Plurdom on twitter or killing it behind the decks Kaskade continues to be a perfect example of the best of our community.

There ya go folks six undeniable, unequivocal, indisputable reasons why Kaskade is the Ryan gosling to our EDM. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Gilmar Rosas
Gilmar Rosas


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