BAD Weekend Recap: #NOSLEEPNOV Weekend 2 with Hardwell, Laidback Luke, D.O.D, Q-Tip and the New York Football Giants

While weekend two of #NoSleepNov may not have been quite as aggressive as weekend one, thats only because we had set the bar so ridiculously high. This weekend was filled with everything from massive shows with thousands of people (Laidback Luke at Webster Hall), private shows for a couple hundred (Hardwell at SiriusXM's Electric Aquarium) and a grand trip out to MetLife Stadium to see the Giants take on the Niners (and try and stay warm). Yes, Bad Kids even bring the love to sporting events too ... 

So here's what went down, BAD Weekend style:


Who: Laidback Luke, D.O.D

When: 11pm - 4am

Where: Webster Hall

After taking the night off on Thursday, the Bad Kids were ready to hit the ground running on Friday. After an aggressive pregame downtown, as we are very well known for hosting, the crew hopped in our favorite mode of transportation, Uber (if you haven't tried this, get on it) to head to Webster Hall for two of the baddest DJs we know - Laidback Luke and D.O.D.

Webster Hall was recently voted one of the best venues in the city, and rightfully so (of course, when it’s not overly crowded). When you get there at the right time, and you are with the right people, and you are going to see the right talent - your Webster Hall experiences can be some of the best and this is what we like to call the "ultimate dance music combo." That is certainly what happened on Friday. D.O.D put on an amazing show opening for LBL. The room wasn’t totally filled which gave us all plenty of room to dance like the animals that we are. About halfway through the set, a few of us were able to get onto the stage for the second half of D.O.D to watch our main man, and friend of BKC, Laidback Luke for his entire performance. We have formed an amazing relationship with the master of laying back (FYI he is actually the most laid back person we have ever met, so the name makes total sense) as he has been kind enough to rock our apparel during some of his major performances. If you didn't get a chance to check out his set during Electric Zoo this year - he was wearing our "BAE" shirt that we made just for him. If you are so compelled, you get pick up the shirt on our site HERE.

Watching a show from the stage is an awesome experience. Seeing the sea of thousands of people moving with every beat, every drop, is just unreal. On night one of LBL’s Webster Hall takeover (he played there on Friday and Saturday) he played more of a tech-house set, rather than his typical big room stuff (apparently he saved that for Saturday) but we loved every second of it. We loved it that much more as we caught him sporting our signature I'M A BAD KID bracelet for the entire show. Thanks dude, you are a god among us mortal men. 


Who: Hardwell & Dannic

When: 4pm - 6pm

Where: Gansevoort Park Avenue, Red Room

After sleeping off the ungodly amount of dancing we got into during the wee hours of the morning on Friday night / Saturday AM, we hopped back on the wagon and started up again. Our friends at SiriusXM hooked it up as they know we are celebrating #NoSleepNov, and at 4pm on a chilly November afternoon, some lucky Bad Kids got the chance to see the number one DJ in the world (for two years in a row) play for about 200 people before he headed to Madison Square Garden to play for over 20,000.

The crowd in Red Room was off the hook. Dannic got the room ready to go, and for an event on a random Saturday afternoon, it seemed like everyone was getting their drink on which was impressive. When Hardwell walked in with his posse, the place EXPLODED. The room felt like it was literally shaking when the “EVERYBODY FUCKING JUMP” lyric came on, that Hardwell obviously had to work into his set somehow. Dance circles were breaking out left and right and of the four private SiriusXM shows we have been to (Skrillex, Above & Beyond, Alesso and now Hardwell) this one definitely had the craziest crowd. People were going insane, and rightfully so; his set was HUGE. Guess he is the number one DJ in the world for a reason, right my friends? 


Who: New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

When: 10am - 4pm

Where: MetLife Stadium

While this wasn’t your typical dance music excursion that you usually see us writing about, we managed to turn the Giants vs. 49ers game BAD and definitely jammed to a few of the Beatport Top 100 tracks which was blaring all over the sound system to get the crowd pumped up. At one point during the game, some guy sitting behind us said to his girlfriend, "isn't this an EDM song, is this what EDM is?" Our response: Yes ... good sir ... you are feeling vibrations and excitement all over your body because you are listening to EDM - welcome to the Bad Life, mother fucker! But, to get back to the story ... after pounding a couple beers on the train ride to the stadium, and wandering ALLLLL the way to the back of the parking lot past tailgates (I specifically remember one with club-quality speakers and a DJ playing some Calvin Harris) we found our tailgate. There is nothing like a rowdy Giants tailgate in New York City so if you have yet to experience one, you better get on it. The energy is like a dance music event - everyone is happy. Happy to booze, happy to dance, happy to be with friends, and happy to be experiencing their favorite past time in the flesh (sounds familiar right?) Watching fans from both teams come together, having literally nothing in common expect home town pride or love of the game, reminded us of why we love dance music culture and how something as large as "music" or "sports" can be the connective tissue between people from all the over the world. 

As a die hard Giants fan myself, the game was pretty disappointing but we made the most of it. After the 5th Eli Manning interception, we decided we had had enough, chugged our last beer and headed back to the city. Not a total fail as we were fully embracing Sunday Funday but ... Giants, COME ON!!!!


Who: Q-Tip

When: 4:30am - 6:30am (BEFORE THE ASS CRACK OF DAWN) 

Where: Scratch DJ Academy

If Mondays after a weekend of extreme partying are rough enough, try getting your ass out of bed at 4am to start partying AGAIN ... FML (but not really FML because we are Bad Kids and we LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!) That said, the fact that we were headed to a private show by Q-Tip, sponsored by Jameson (yes, we had a morning cocktail to start off the workweek, Mad Men style) and live broadcast into two clubs in Australia was pretty cool. Our friends at Mixify, again, set us up with the exclusive invite to attend the show and even though it was from 4:30am-6:30am on a Monday morning, who are we to turn down a show (or Jameson for that matter?)

You know we have constant FOMO and since it's #NoSleepNov, we really had no choice but to engage in this magical journey. We are very much looking forward to the next event put on by theses guys as its an unreal experience to see some great talent from about four feet away and to connect with fans from all over the world (you know how much we love that kind of stuff, emo Bad Kids we are.) Check out Mixify's ClubCast series and get in the mix for the next one - you know where to find us. 

So there you have it, another weekend of #NoSleepNov notched on our belt and another weekend of crazy stories with the Bad Kids crew and some of the top DJs (actually, the number 1 DJ) in the world. Just because Thanksgiving is coming up, don't expect us to slow down at all. In fact, it means speed the fuck up! We are coming in HOT with plans for the next couple weeks so stay tuned for whats to come. We may even have a surprise or two for you ... 

Until next time, #StayBad.

Harrison E
Harrison E


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