11 Tracks We're Thankful For - BAD Weekend Playlist, Thanksgiving Edition

Happy almost Thanksgiving, Bad Kids! Here are some tracks to listen to as you travel home for the holidays:


Gazzo & Will K feat. Kyle Richardson - Forth & Back (Tom & Jame Remix)

Watch out for our boy Gazzo.  This kid is about to have a real good year. And this collab with Will K, remixed by Tom & Jame (yes JAME, not Jane) might be one of my new favs ever. 

Vicetone - United We Dance (Original Mix)

Been trying to find this track ever since I saw Ultra Record's unbelievable short film, #UnitedWeDance a couple months ago. Little did I know, the answer was right under my nose the whole time.  Vicetone's United We Dance is a monumental track and brings some bigtime feels, especially in the film, which, if you haven't watched yet, I demand that you stop everything you're doing and WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

Mako - Sunburst (Original Mix)

This DJ duo is set to have another chart-topper with Sunburst, after the mass success of their last track Story.  Big fan of this original. 

Dyro & Bassjackers - X (Preview)

What the EFF is this?! Whatever it is, I'm already obsessed and can't wait til the full track is released in December. Anyone else hear a Metallica-type of sound in this one?

The Heydaze - Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix) 

Two of my fav artists and friends teamed up to remix one of my fav non-EDM tracks of the year, so naturally this track is a winner in my book! 

DallasK - Orion (Victor Niglio Feat. Hype Turner Remix) 

Boss. So boss. Just a banger of a track for another friend Victor Niglio who, along with his bud Gazzo, is set to have a pretty epic year.  

Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Overdrive) (Lost Kings Remix)

This track on it's own is pure love but up and comers Lost Kings found a way to make it that much better. Can't go wrong with this one, ever.

Paris Blohm - Presence ft. Angel Taylor (Original Mix)

Paris bringing that emo-tastic vocal house that we all can't help but love, this time with Arty's Up All Night vocalist, Angel Taylor.  Very pretty track.

Duke Dumont - Need U 100% (Lost Kings Remix) 

I might start referring to Lost Kings the Remix Kings because any track they lay their hands on turns to gold in my mind. You need this Duke Dumont remix in your life 100%.

Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth - BONK! (Original Mix) 

First time I heard this track was during Showtek's Tomorrowworld set and I only just tracked it down a few weeks ago.  Since then I've heard the "raise 'em up and get down" sample in tons festival sets, which is not surprising considering it's so fresh and funky! 

Tiesto feat. DBX - Light Years Away (Oliver Heldens Remix) 

I'm not even sure how to classify this remix except to say I can almost guarantee you'll like it. Oliver Heldens can do no wrong and this Tiesto track is killer to begin with. 

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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