5 of the Baddest Things You Might've Missed Last Week

The Bad Life has always been a bit of a crazy roller coaster ride, but it seems like these days we have so many exciting things happening that we have to do a weekly recap blog post just to keep you kids all caught up!

Here are the 5 Baddest Things You Might've Missed:

Laidback Luke Showing Us Some Serious Love in This Exclusive Interview 

It's no secret by now that we love us some LBL and LBL loves BKC (especially our BAD Snapbacks and our BAE tee), but when we read what he said about us in this recent interview by Sensible Reason, we kind of freaked out.  There's a reason Luke is one of the most beloved artists in the industry, and this is a prime example:

Tritonal Rocking Our I'M A BAD KID Wristbands

You might remember a few weeks back we got to meet Chad from Tritonal and gave him one of our Bad Kids wristbands, moments before the boys took the booth and turned Lavo into Tritonia. Well it was recently brought to our attention that Chad has been rocking the hell out of that band ever since!  First at Echostage DC, then at The Government in Canada, and most recently at Tritonal's Thanksgiving Eve show.

Bad. Ass. 

A-Trak Dropped Aylen's Track 'Rafiki' During His Set at Pacha

We were honored when Pacha asked us to promote their Music Fights AIDS event last Sunday, with sets by A-Trak, Tritonal, Dirty South and 3LAU, just to name a few.

Even better, our unbelievable photographer Harrison Epstein was asked to shoot, and was in the booth for the duration of the event, capturing all of the behind the scenes moments, including...

Yes, A-Trak dropped our boy Aylen's latest track Rafiki in his set, which was out of this world (as usual) and Harrison was there to catch it.  A-Trak + Aylen = So much yes. 

Bassjackers and Dyro Rocking Our BAD Snapbacks

We met up with Bassjackers and Dyro backstage before their insane show at Best Buy Theater a couple weeks back and got them all geared up with Bad Kids bracelets and BAD Snapbacks, which they modeled like true pros:

Marlon from Bassjackers liked his so much he wore it on stage for his entire set! #BADjackers

Kasum Closed for The Chainsmokers at Pacha

Another one of our DJ friends, Kasum, has absolutely exploded over the past few months - evidenced by the fact that he closed for The Chainsmokers last Friday night at Pacha. *Fun Fact: The Chainsmokers and Kasum have both headlined a Bad Kids event in the past.

We are so proud of this kid and cannot wait to see what he does next!

Bonus: We met Alex Ayo who was also supporting The Chainsmokers and WOW were we blown away.  This kid is one to watch, trust us on that. 

Until next week kids, Stay Bad!

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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