Fuck Yeah, It's #DanceDec!

Word on the street is that #DanceDec is in full effect, but what does that mean exactly? What the heck is this hashtag all about and what does it represent, to the core?


We announced our #DanceDec campaign this month to close out 2014 in the best way possible - dancing aggressively to some of the best DJ sets the year has to offer. As you likely know, December in New York is all about the ridiculous party line-ups that are available to you. Not kidding, almost every night of the week there are back-to-back shows at all the major venues in the city. The number of events to choose from is what makes a young dance music lover's life that much more challenging this month. Overwhelmed? Don't be. As your nightlife experts in the dance music space our job is to point you to the best, the baddest, and the most unique shows in the city. Trust us when we say we're going to send 2014 out with a BANG.

The best part about December is that there are so many different event formats to choose from. Here's high level rundown of what's in store:

The Piers - big rooms and wide open space to let your freak flag fly sky high. Think shuffling, sweating, unnecessary amounts of booze, and lots and lots of rave gear. 

The Clubs - expensive, crowded, hot, but featuring some of the best talent in the industry. The question becomes, "is it worth it?" and "have I seen this DJ perform yet?" That should help you narrow it down a bit. 

The Holiday Party - A time to get together with friends and / or co-workers and jump around the holiday party circuit Wedding Crasher-style to meet some new and interesting people... if you know what I mean (WINK!)

The "Experiential" Party - Weird performance art events that laced with dance music tunes and deep house undertones. These are going off all over the city this month!

The Ugly Sweater Party - Doesn't matter where you live, there are about 1,000 ugly sweater parties going on in your immediate radius this month. You don't have to do too much to get invited to one of these, and you have to go to at least ONE just to say you went. 

UN-Controlled Madness Events - if you live in New York then you are familiar with SantaCon. These types of events are what I like to call "UN-controlled madness" where people hit the streets decked in Santa / holiday gear and go absolutely insane. If you have a chance to experience one of these parties, do it ... it will change your life forever. 

    The BAD Weekend lineup today will provide you with #DanceDec updates and exclusive access to the epic party circuit here in New York City. As always, if you want to join us on our adventures, attend some of our infamous pre-games feel free to contact us and we will welcome you to The Bad Life! Shoot us an email, hit us up on social, text , call, or whatever method of communication you prefer. Whatever you do, just make sure you're prepared to dance December down like only Bad Kids can.


    This month is all about having fun, living life to the fullest and looking back on the high points of 2014. It's about ringing in the new year on a positive note and celebrating all the things we are thankful for.  Bad Kids is a group of people who allow you to be yourself, live out your dreams, and connect you to people from all over the world who share your love of this culture and this massive musical movement. If that wasn't motivation enough to get you pumped for #DanceDec, the only other thing that might do it is listening to this song on repeat for one week straight:

    NOTE: We will be seeing R3hab at Marquee on Saturday, December 27th and are going bat-shit crazy. Make sure you hit us up for this one because it will be a night to remember (or not...)

    See you on the dance floor Bad Kids, and FUCK YEAH IT'S #DANCEDEC!!!!!!


    Andi Cross
    Andi Cross


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