Tyler Sherritt's Top 5 Fav Tracks Right Now

By now you’ve seen the name Tyler Sherritt pop up on anything and everything Bad Kids once or twice. We are honored to call him one of our favorite artists, a Bad Kid, and a true friend.  We’ve written about his talents and his ability to captivate a room with his original songs and edits, but we decided it was time for you to learn about the man behind the persona.  

Over the past couple of years we’ve been lucky enough to get close with Tyler, and believe me when I tell you he has one of the most interesting “how did they get here” stories we’ve ever heard. His life didn’t follow the one or two stories we are used to hearing. Here's a little glimpse into the life of our very own #BADTyler.

It all started December 30th, 1990 (please note this is how he will begin his life story if you ask him to tell it to you).  Do the math: Tyler Sherritt is only 23 years old, and the life that this DJ/producer/singer/songwriter/guitarist has led in such a short time is exponentially cooler than he lets on. Next…he’s from Alaska. Tyler was born and bred in Anchorage, Alaska, and promises that his life wasn’t just igloos and ice fishing.  After 12 years in Anchorage, Tyler moved overseas to complete his high school career. If you've ever studied abroad then you know life overseas is absolutely incredible, Needless to say, 4 years abroad as a teenager was an eye-opening experience for Tyler.

At age 17, he moved to California to pursue his music career after securing a spot on the first season of The Voice.  If I haven't sparked your interest yet, bet that one surprised you a bit! Please send me videos if you ever find this online because I haven’t found anything yet. His family currently lives overseas in Baku, Azerbaijan, an up-and-coming part of the world that is located on the Caspian Sea. It's truly amazing that Tyler has created a name for himself in such a short time, and with his family overseas, even more amazing that had the courage to do it all on his own.

Which brings me to more recent times.  In 2010, Tyler’s music career began to transform from singer/songwriter to what most people know him as today, an electronic dance music producer.  While attending Coachella, Tyler stumbled upon Tiesto’s set, and from that moment on his opinion of dance music changed. While he wasn’t really into dance music in the past, after experiencing the effect ‘2010-Tiesto’ had on a crowd inspired him to want to be a part of the scene.  Tyler, being the proactive and determined individual he is, wanted to take it a step further than just attending shows and festivals, he wanted to become someone else’s Tiesto (so to speak). There was no way he was going to abandon his passion for singing/songwriting side, which is what makes Tyler a dynamic artist in today's EDM scene, as you can hear his voice on a few of his tracks. At 20, Tyler decided to take his talents to New York City to begin the next stage in his life, and since then has played shows from Vegas to Tomorrowworld and everywhere in between. This self-educated artist has truly shown his ability to carve his own path in the music industry, and we cannot wait to see where the next few years take him.

Since music is the reason why we’re all here, whether we work in the industry or simply love good beats, we asked Tyler to give us the top 5 tracks on his playlist right now: 

1.  Game Of Thrones (A Tribute to the Main Title) – Christian Q & Shokstix

“This tribute to the theme song of Thrones is extremely well done and has been a staple in my sets ranging from Tomorrowworld to Marquee New York. I also have my own edit of this song that I throw in the mix as well.”

2.  Say You Love Me – Jessie Ware (Gorgon City Remix)

“I have always been a big fan of Gorgon City’s productions and Jessie’s voice is massive; making this track one of my current go-tos.”

3.  EDM Trend Machine – Knife Party

“As much of a troll as this track is, I have to say it is still really good. Rob & Gareth’s production quality and skills are incredible.”

4.  Escape from the Past – Alex di Stefano

“I have always looked up to Alex as a producer, and in this release he was able to combine elements of both Trance and Techno to create something I can listen to nonstop.”

5.  Unholy – Wolfgang (Milo & Otis Remix)

“Milo & Otis are always pushing the boundaries of production and style. Their latest remix is a great example of how intricate and creative they are in the studio.”

6.  BONUS TRACK* Hideaway – Kiesza (Ben Howard cover) [Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix]

“Ben Howard is my favorite artist. His rendition of Hideaway has so much emotion and is able to bring everything I know and love about his artistic abilities into the world of dance music.”

At this point, I've seen more Tyler Sherritt shows than I can count and I can honestly say he never ever disappoints. The way he reads the crowd and plays to the venue's demo, always including a select few tracks he knows the Bad Kids hold dear to their hearts - Tyler’s shows are always fun and unpredictable. 

Tyler’s next show is this Saturday night (12/13/14) at Liberty Theater and our Bad Kids crew is coming out HARD for it! 

Yes, we know that’s the day of Santacon, but if the Bad Kids can make it out after a day like that, so can you. Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion. Follow THIS LINK to hear more about the show and to use our exclusive Bad Kids promo code DANCEDEC to get your tickets for just $15 instead of $20.

Oh but there's more! Enter to win a chance to be a part of the infamous #diningwithtylersherritt contest by sharing his post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Tylersherritt)! I had the privilege of attending the last one and this addition to an already amazing night is INCREDIBLE. The food, the drinks, the company…no doubt in my mind you will leave this dinner with a big smile on your face and an extra bounce in your step preparing you to dance the night away (after all it is #DanceDec!)  And who knows? Maybe I’ll make a guest appearance ;)  

#StayBAD Kids,

Taryn Klein
Taryn Klein


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