#123JumpJan: Oh the Places Steve Aoki Will Jump!

There is no better mascot for #123JumpJan than the one and only Steve Aoki.  He might be best known for the mid-show cake toss he launches into the crowd, but in my opinion, it's the "Aoki Jump" that truly represents this long-haired, life-loving, fu man chu-rocking DJ, who has been making electronic dance music long before the big EDM boom. 

If you've never seen an Aoki Jump before, don't you worry child... I'm going to take you on a magical tour of the #AokiJump, told in the style of a Dr. Seuss poem.  Behold:

Oh, The Place Steve Aoki Will Jump!

Steve Aoki jumps on planes

On trains

On automobiles.

On boats

On helicopters

On these baller limo wheels.

On the beach

In the snow

There's no place Steve won't go

To make an epic Aoki Jump like so.

Whether he's jumping with Markus

Or Porter

Or getting air with Skrill

He jumps when nobody's watching

He does it all just for the thrill.

He could be taking a #Selfie

Or backstage at a show

With his boys at Tomorrowland

Or at the happiest place you know.

Steve jumps all around the world 

Or in the next country awayHe jumps on the Empire State Building

He jumps between rolls of hay.

He even jumps with animals

Like this kaola bear

He's jumped with one dead mau5

And with this famous shark - both hands in the air.

He jumps with Marvel Comics

He jumps on the 10 oclock news

He jumps On Air with Seacrest

And he Party Rock jumps with RedFoo.

So why does Steve #AokiJump? Well first, he jumps for FUN

He jumps to remember all the places he's been

And to remember everyone.

He jumps to celebrate life

He jumps to entertain

He jumps for love

He jumps to feel young

He jumps because he's a bit insane. 

An Aoki Jump brings people together

It inspires us to get wild and cray

To see the light when the world gets dark

And to love each and every bae

The best part of an Aoki Jump?

It helps us remember to play

That's why no matter what, Steve will still jump

Day after day after day.


Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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