BAD Weekend Playlist 010: Adam's Baby Makin Beats

For this week’s Bad Weekend Playlist, I decided to provide with you something to end your night with rather than start it off. Follow directions carefully.

First, go party your ass off, find someone sexy, and bring them home. Crack open the champagne, warn the roomies.  and then press play on this playlist. This playlist will take down to funky town wrapped in a sensual head trip that will rock your pelvis and soundtrack the after hours party at your place. Alot of these tracks are not new but deserve some play and there's no better place to hear them than in the bedroom.  After all is said and done and you have found your future husband/wife, you can thank me.

Stay Bad

Your Overtly Sexual Bad Kid,


Snakehips - Days With You feat. Sinead Harnett

Alright, so you are just getting started. Switch the lights off, lock the doors, and let Sinead Harnett’s sultry vocals lead you straight into the bedroom as you groove to the old school strings perfectly mixed with modern synths.

Le Youth - Real

Le Youth’s was featured in our artists to watch in 2015, because I honestly feel like he makes me better in bed. Too much? Deal with it. This song transports me to a glitter bombed after-hours gay club in 1992. Channel those vibes.

Bondax - Dusk Funk feat Ayah Marar

These boys always have a way of making my pelvis sway in a very specific way. Their new track featuring Ayah Marar is no exception at all.

Janet Jackson - Somebody to Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)

Giraffage has always had a way of actually remixing songs. He takes this Janet Jackson banger and translates the sexual energy of those that Millennials could truly understand.

Shift K3y - I Know (Bee’s Knees Remix)

This underage duo also made our 2015 artist to watch list and for good reason. They remixed the UK famous Shift K3y’s track into a bedroom banger. Yes, pun intended.

Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Klingande Remix)

The german prodigy Klingande entered our lives this past summer and I have not been happier. This marks about the halfway point in the playlist and this song’s high energy and sexy guitar riffs are guaranteed to make you a sensual lover

Madeon - You’re On (Gramatik Remix)

Our funky friend Gramatik decided to pay homage to Madeon’s french heritage by throwing a very french house feel to Madeon’s latest single off of his upcoming album Adventure. Gramatik is known to control my pelvis and this song is no exception. The constantly changing tempo of this track should definitely keep things interesting for you and your nighttime friend.

Roisto - Apart in Love

Finnish producer Roisto is jumping right onto the scene his this new banger that just oozes sex. From the synthed out vocals to that bass line that just invades your lower body.

Hayden James - Permission to Love

The tracks coming from Australian label Future Classic never seem to stop and Hayden James gives us a chance to slow things down and rock our bodies. You can probably tell at this point that I am a sucker for that funky guitar that controls your senses in Permission to Love.

Fantasy - Alina Baraz and Galimatias

NEW BANGER ALERT. I will admit that I have not stopped playing this song. At this point in the playlist you’ll want to show your lover the sweeter side. “Fantasy” truly uses Alina Baraz’s sultry chopped layered over pianos, marimbas, and synths to create an audible sexual playground in your head.

Chet Faker - 1998

I define Chet Faker as sex to begin with and this track is no exception. Off of his album “Talk is Cheap”, This track brings us a stripped down/more indie version of a deep house track that sounds a bit less for the clubs of copenhagen and more for the cheap motel rooms.

Pomo - Cloud Cruise

If you haven’t heard yet, Pomo is definitely someone to keep an eye out for this coming year. His latest track  “Cloud Cruise”, brings back that electro funk sprinkled with light chopped vocals and turns up the heat a little bit on your night.

ODESZA - Bloom

Ok so I know that ODESZA was a 2014 thing but you cannot deny the sexual powers of this song. Make sure the bass is turned up on your speakers for this one. This song made me realize that it is truly possible to be aroused through the ears

Hippie Sabotage - Sunny

By this point you should have at least had Round 1 and this song will either end your night or prepare you for Round 2. “Sunny” is the perfect song to recover to while you light your post coitus cigarette.

Adam Dishian
Adam Dishian


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