The Thursday to End All LAVO Thursdays


I’M HERE NYC - LET’S FUCKING DO THIS. Almost a year post college and new to NYC, I could not be more pumped to be the newest member of the Bad Kids Collective family. That being said, what better way to kick off summer (EDM’s favorite season and of course, mine) than with Chuckie when he blows the roof off for the Lavopalooza (aka a party for the man, the myth, the legend, Jonathan Schwartz, as it is his birthday!) 

Whether you are newbie like me who is still in awe over LAVO Thursdays, or an experienced veteran like Andi and Lex who are on a first name basis with every bouncer from Tao to Avenue to Marquee to Lavo, rumor has it you do not want to miss what is about to go down this Thursday night.

I have had the pleasure over the last few weeks of hearing the rumblings of what happened last year at Jonathan’s birthday and have witnessed first-hand all the preparation that has gone into gearing up for this one. From the dinner and pre-game assembling, to the friend group summoning - the email chains, the countless phone calls - and of course the mental preparation for all the wild antics that will certainly be underway … it has been quite the induction into Bad Kids. It's funny, when you bring up “Jonathan’s Birthday” among the Bad Kids team – the immediate reaction is a smirk, a little laugh and an, “oh man … last year was next level cray.” But aside from that, you can’t really get TOO much detail out of anyone as they will just say, “dude, you have to experience this one for yourself to truly understand what insanity really means.”

So being the new kid, and being curious by nature, I couldn’t stand to just hear “see for yourself” and had to dive in deeper. With some serious bribing and lots and lots of Peking Duck House (Andi’s new favorite spot to get her Chinese on – took her to both the Chinatown and Midtown locations), I got SOME detail out of her. Here’s what you can “kind of” expect, at least from what I have distilled:

Jonathan Scwhartz is a name you know if you're immersed in NYC nightlife; so, if you enjoy partying your face off – from dancing on tables and stages to chanting, “shots, shots, shots” before stumbling in to one of the Artichoke Pizza locations (or multiple if you are that animalistic) between the hours of 6 and 8am – Thursday is going to be a night just for you.

On this night, unlike most NYC club nights, it is all about spreading the love. This party has a subliminal theme of “don’t ever stop the champagne flow … ever” and Jonathan makes sure that everyone in the room is touched by the carefully planned theming. From what I have been told, a champagne bottle was literally HANDED to the Bad Kids when they entered the venue last year, for no reason other then IT'S JONATHAN’S BIRTHDAY AND WHY THE FUCK NOT! When does that happen, ever - unless your Lindsay Lohan and Pablo Escobar shows up. Yeah, I went there.

There is always a strong, kick ass opening act that you don’t want to miss, so, from what I have been told, plan to show up early and ready to rage. Dinner at Lavo above the nightclub is always a power move if you want to meet and mingle with all the leaders of nightlife in the city. You might even get lucky enough to see the main act hanging before the party starts. Fan girls of Chuckie, keep this one in mind – you can thank me later!

This is one of those nights that will remind you of the classic film Animal House yet you are at one of the hottest nightclubs in the city – which really is a dream come true for those tangled up with the Bad Kids. Could be one of the reasons this party resonates so well with the team, I am learning, since these guys are dance music barbarians. And of course, like all adventures with the Bad Kids, the whole point of nights out are to celebrate life, live in the moment and meet other dance music lovers to bring into the madness. Jonathan’s birthday is the epitome of meet, drink together, become best friends on the dance floor, exchange numbers, and the next morning wake up to a text from your new friend saying, “what the fuck happened last night, that was epic, couldn’t make it into work but can’t wait to see you next Thursday …” of course, followed by a Facebook friend request while you can hardly keep it together at work that obviously confirms and validates your friendship from the night before. DUH!

All of this being said, what I have understood from hearing bits and pieces of the story from last year, learning more about New York City nightlife in general and getting a sense of the type of person Jonathan Schwartz is – I have put in my PTO for Friday this week and I plan on fully recapping my experience for you as soon as I come up for air after this wild and crazy shit show. Couldn’t have picked a better week to be inducted into the Bad Life and in the words from one of the Bad Kids’ favorite movies, Billy Madison, (slightly edited), “I likely will be awarded no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.”



P.S Check back for our Weekend Lineup tomorrow as there is some epic stuff going down in the city Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Even though the Bad Kids will be dead starting at 8:30pm tomorrow, they will be “shampooing” all weekend long – a little goes a long way – and the partying will not be stopping, that's for sure.



Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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