BADx Playlist: Ian's Beach Glow Edition


This weekend calls for predicted thunderstorms, and an 100% chance of EXCELLENCE. Grab your swim-ware because a little rain ain’t stopping no Bad Kid from turning up at Beach Glow this Saturday. Great beats and a little sand beneath our feet, you’ll see us thriving in the beachy chaos. 

Bad Kids always come prepared. SO in the case we need some extra assistance dealing with Mother Nature’s unwarranted influences, DJ Burks has composed this BADx ass                         ~Rain Dance~ playlist that will totally steer away the unwanted, gross weather. Starting now, dancing like no one’s watching to these tracks will call upon the all-knowing and supernatural forces of the Rave Gods, to ensure a day of hopefully only mild scattered showers and good times with great people. 

On the real though, we know creating that perfect pre-party playlist that gets everyone pumped up for a big event isn’t alway easy. So without further adieu, BADx Playlist Beach Glow Edition is a compilation of tunes featuring all of the performing artists this weekend. While we’re unsure if the ~Rain Dance~ is foolproof, we can guarantee that these jams will mentally prepare you for another incredible weekend in the #TheBadLife. 

Victoria Posmantur
Victoria Posmantur


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