No matter where each weekend in #TheBadLife takes us, it’s fair to say that every adventure is a learning experience. Sometimes we make the same mistakes once, twice, three times ... but fuck it, if we are having fun that’s all that matters, right? This weekend we took on A LOT of activity with a very little time reserved in between to chill. How many times have we done things like this - A LOT. How many times have we regretted it - NEVER! Very quickly, the theme of our weekend became “rallying” as we basically had to all weekend long to get from destination to destination, party to party ... all day and all night. Come on guys, did you expect anything less? THAT’S WHAT BAD KIDS DO!!!
So, we started off our journey on Thursday at the Big Beat Record Studio’s BBQ. This party is all about connecting with innovators in the space - people who know the next big thing in dance music culture. It’s cool to get all these bad asses in one room! Sprinkle in the Bad Kids to turn things up and you’ve got yourself one hell of an industry party! The Knocks headlined the event and played some of their new beats while welcoming Jamaica's DJ Chromeo for his NYC debut. BBQ + EDM = emoji heart eyes!
Friday was dedicated to the OBK (original Bad Kid) Laidback Luke. When this dude is in town with his bad ass wife, Gina Turner, you know that the Bad Kids will be there - hands down. So, how do we prep for a LBL night? Impromptu snapback photoshoots, Star Wars accessorized pre-games, front and center dance floor get downs like no one's watching.
LBL rocked the old school BADx shirt ... and honestly we hadn't seen Marquee so packed all summer. If you were 21, an intern, and looking for love in all the wrong places - Marquee this past Friday was likely where you were. Take it from me, I am all those things!
We ended the night at our favorite late night pizza spot - Artichoke, on the west side / best side. I guarantee you've never seen a group of girls more aggressive with their pizza than our crew. We demanded that we cut the ever-so-long wait list because if we didn’t get to the pizza quick enough there would be “issues.” Yes, we cut the pizza line ... DEAL WITH IT WE ARE DISGUSTING!!!!
Not even 8 hours had passed before we were eating again. We are ravers at heart - the dancing makes up for all the eating - its a fact! Brunch was at the restuarant Maya on the Upper East Side, and it was one of the best bottomless food / drink brunches we have had in awhile. So of course we ordered literally everything on the menu, and partied all morning long. What was supposed to be a 2-hour brunch turned into 4 and we knew what was to come was going to be ... interesting.
The party continued at MoMAPS1 to celebrate the return of Boys Noize. While the art was weird, we got weirder ... naturally.
As you can see... 
Post MoMA we headed to the good ol’ BK Lounge (Brooklyn for those of you who are too young to know who Dane Cook is) and made a pit stop at Whiskey Brooklyn before heading to Bushwick for the #MagicCityNYC party.
Not knowing what to expect and after nearing 12 hours of party hopping, Brooklyn Mirage and the #MagicCityNCY party blew us away. Hands down, Brooklyn Mirage is one of the coolest venues we'd ever experienced in all of NY. This place was seriously next level - housing a massive outdoor space decked out with bright lights and palm trees, a wall surrounding the property that served as an upper level in which you could see an incredible view of the dance floor and outstanding city skyline views. Finally, a giant warehouse that brought people indoors for the final part of the show basically confirmed the is the most epic venue in the area. This place is designed to to bring together eclectic sounds and individuals - and it certainly did. For Magic City, it's all about the Jersey Trap and fresh tunes that are foreign to most club kids ears. We totally vibed with the underground atmosphere and Trina and Boys Noize were the perfect headliners for this mixed crowd. I am sure you could have guessed, but we will be going back ... no doubt.
Was the cab an obscene amount to get home from middle of nowhere Bushwick, check. Were we beyond overtired, check. Was Sunday consumed with sleeping and trying so hard to feel normal again, check. Was it all worth it, check.
The thing you have to remember about the Bad Life is it’s all about the journey - we want to look back on life and believe we truly lived. We want to live each day like it’s our last. These summer days into nights with good friends, great music and wild stories are what we live for ... and we can’t stop, won’t stop. Until the next one ... have a great week!
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Victoria Posmantur
Victoria Posmantur


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