The Art of Being Bad

The question always is, “what makes you a Bad Kid?” How does someone get to that point in their lives where they can really deem themselves just that “bad”? Well, it’s an art, and I have a feeling if you are reading this post you have a good idea of what it takes to be bad… really, really bad.


Bad Kids possess certain qualities that probably aren’t considered healthy or normal to real adults, but it’s our freaking generation man … we have it made - living in a time of movement and change; a time where living your life free is the premise of every weekend. Simply put - it's the age of the Bad Kid. 

But here’s what makes someone fall under the category of “bad”:

1. Can find fun everywhere.

The date isn’t going so well huh - nothing to really talk about? Pull out your phone, share headphones and bump your new favorite track, letting homie across the table get a taste of your typical Friday night fun. Your passion and deep obsession with EDM will either get this person out of your face immediately – thank god, saves you more of these awkward encounters – or will spark a pretty real conversation around your love of beats… next thing you know BAM!! Beats + Getting Laid = FUN!

2. The night is your best friend.

The later the party, the longer the after hours club stays open  - which only means that it takes that much longer for the beats to die down. What is sleep? It’s boring that's what it is, and there is NOTHING boring about a Bad Kid. A typical Bad Kid can go from the nicest nightclubs in New York, to the dirtiest, rain covered campgrounds. They can sleep on average 2 hours a night – only to get back up in the morning and run the marathon all over again.

3. The weirder the better.

Bad Kids know that its best to show their true colors – wearing your favorite animal on your head to a festival - like a giant squid – never hurt anyone… in fact it just makes your group a beacon of fun and excitement. Likeminded aquatic lovers join forces and celebrate EDM together, in the weirdest, strangest ways. Bad Kids know that being weird actually makes you cool – we could have KILLED IT in high school…dammit!

4. Your rave family rocks.

Basically you’re not a Bad Kid unless you have other ones to roll around with – literally and figuratively. Your rave family is just like your real on – ups and downs – ebbs and flows. But at the end of the day, if you’re sitting on one of their shoulders and flash the entire crowd because your just that excited about Alesso’s set … they will probably still love you anyway and will protect you from strange men trying to pay you for sex afterwards. Not to mention, the EDM scene opens up doors to meet a lot of new people, and a lot of really AWESOME people for that matter – you get to know someone pretty quickly after raving with them for even an hour.


5. The mother fucking beat drop.

The thing that brings us all together – the common bond that makes the science of EDM work – is when the beat drops. You could be into some smoke show from across the room and lock eyes just in time to count down to the drop together … and when it hits … time to go fucking crazy. It's the universal house symbol, the thing that gets you going and what motivates all of us to show our bad side – just leaving the world behind. Its always a long work-week, you were wearing a suit, you were living your 9-5. But that's behind us now, because the minute you hear the drop, you are brought to your other world… the Bad Kids’ world.

So have you mastered the art of being “bad”? If you have… you better hit us up, because there is always enough room in our rave family for one more Bad Kid.

Much love,


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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