Top 10 Weekend Moments

10. The Drop releasing their 50th episode
I got so excited when I heard Delirious by my #veryreal&serious boyfriend Laidback that I spilled half a bottle of Jameson all over my pants and LIKED IT. Allowed me to tell all the boys I was “soaking wet” in hopes of getting it in – #fail.

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9. Dad expressing deep interest in the song “where a robot is looking for Molly
Pretty awesome when my Dad says all he does now-a-days is listen to BPM on Sirius and is obsessed with said robot looking for her hot friend Molly. He just kept saying, “Molly must be a serious smoke show” … oh if only he knew.

8. Booking a 25-person vacation with my Rave Family
We just booked the sickest trip to the DR for $700 bucks all inclusive … I am pretty sure that we are going to get kicked out upon landing as all of us together, with no responsibilities or a care in the world = trouble. If you wanna get in on fun times like this, hit us up!

7. Confirming my hotel rooms for Ultra

Booked these motherfuckers to the day, one year in advance.  Last year was a roller coaster of emotions when our house got cancelled while I was en route down to FL. We are going to do Ultra right this year if it kills me! We probably will only remember about 2%, but will look back on that percentage with only fond memories.

6. Waking up next to a bag of Doritos
Completely covering my brand new Star Wars black bedding and having about 4 emails saying I have gone over my data plan because I have been listening to 8tracks too much throughout the night – who listens to house to fall asleep?? #thisguy!

5. Ripping a $20 in half because late night pizza only cost $10
I was too drunk to comprehend what the pizza guy was asking apparently. Luckily he gave me change and a free can of diet soda and told me it was best that I sober up… #toodrunktoogreat.

4. Watching a bouncer with an eye patch who easily could have been 6’7 punch a glass window in
Letting his hand bleed profusely all over the club and the patrons, to save some seriously drunk chick from passing out in the bathroom... pretty sure he should seek medical attention – guarantee you he did not. I’m totally freaked out by this guy! #gallerybarnyc

3. Photo shoot for BKC at my corporate office at night
I work for a firm during the day that doesn't even know what EDM stands for. We totally bad kidded out the office late at night… I love when BKC infiltrates on “The Man”, makes me feel pretty bad! Dancing to Kaskade on my boss’ desk… #amazinglyliberating.

2. Going to 90s night only to jam to my all time favorite house songs of the past
All my classic, and soulful beats were blaring and I am pretty sure my rave family took over the entire venue. I forgot how awesome the 90s were for house but hearing Show Me Love and S.O.S pretty much made my weekend - #neverforget.

1. Someone mistaking me for Krewella on the streets of NYC
What a freaking compliment… made my whole weekend COMPLETE. Krew stole my dance moves, #justsaying.


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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