The Road To Ultra - Bad Kids Edition

As we start looking back on pics from last year, watch the 14 minute 2012 official Ultra aftermovie on repeat, writing “I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT” notes on each others walls every single day… it just means we are one step closer to the beautiful, wild, unpredictable Ultra. We are always asked how to truly prepare for the biggest dance party in the world, so this year we are going to share with you how the Bad girls get down:


10. “Prank Calling”: Pretty sure we have called the Holiday Inn Downtown about 57 times to confirm our rooms are booked. Considering we locked them in almost a year in advance, just want to make sure those suckers still are under the Bad Kids name. Or we are just that excited. Haven’t let them know yet about our pre-game plans so shhhh, but we are certain they think we are prank calling them… a lot.

9. Doing the Work: Scouring the Internet for hours watching vids, reading up on festival news and learning about sick giveaways has been the story of our lives for the last few months. For example, our buddies at Mixjunkies are doing a pre-Ultra giveaway for a colored bag including sweet rave SWAG that will enhance the Ultra experience. You can enter to win here … but case and point, Ultra deserves research and done correctly, you deserve free stuff!

8. Self-Betterment: You don't need us to tell you this but damn you so much Ultra diet!!! You know what though, Ultra = 165,000 sexy kids from all over the world, so might as well look your rave-best. Never know who you might meet, right?! For us we have been trying to eat healthy, work out, cut back on the Bud Heavy, maybe even get a little tan, get our hair did (a la neon extensions), get our mojos risin’ … god help us all!   

7. The Spread of PLUR: We look for others we know, or maybe we don't know that want to groove with us. Through all of our social media we spread the love we have for this mecca of dance music in hopes of growing the rave fam. Bad Kids live by “the more the merrier” because then the more unique and unexpected our experiences. If you wanna get in the mix, hit us up, we are waiting to hear from you!

6. We Can’t Sleep
: Sleeping isn’t our thing, so the Ultra after parties are something we thrive on. The questions begin - who to see, what’s the sell-out rate, how much do we spend, how close is it from the hotel, do we have to go to stub hub yet? 3,000 questions later we usually come to conclusions one month out…this year its looking like: Thursday at Juicy Beach, Friday with Kaskade, Saturday at Nikki Beach and Sunday jamming with Ferry Corsten and Marcus Schultz.

5. The Line-Up Battle Royale: Then the ultimate debate - what sets to see of the 300+ DJs and producers in Miami. Email chains, group texts, line-up outlines with everyone’s comments, hour-long phone calls… it really is a beautiful thing. We talk of how to fast-track from tent to tent or party to party, how to break into the VIP Heineken space for a few unbelievable moments before we get kicked out… wait, do you think we are insane yet?

4. Can’t Forget about Safety: We stock up on RaveAid so our brains don’t melt from the explosive ambiance, we find all the beverage tents on maps prior to getting down there and we hydrate uncontrollably because we are about to run a marathon, a 5-day long marathon! Key word kids… water.

3. Our Signature Look: One of the best parts of Ultra is that we can dress like we are from another planet and we can celebrate our individuality to the fullest. One day it’s all about our homies Eye Love Shadez, the next about Nectar. One day can’t miss us with our Electric Styles bras glowing up the club, while the next we are rocking beautiful little blossoms in our hair. We created our first-ever Bad Kids couture shirt collection for this 15th anniversary and are pairing it all with outrageous accessories from with your help!



       RaveReady                                     Electric Styles


                                                         Nectar Sunglasses



                                   EyeLoveShadez                              Britt's Blossoms



2. Motivation Time: Each day we have dance parties in our rooms, on our way to work, in line for groceries, in our minds, all to keep the energy flowing. We blast, share and spread our favorite tunes, we watch Youtube videos and practice new moves to give ourselves a competitive edge in the dance circles, we check out emerging artists so we don’t miss a beat down there… It’s kind of like this – make a playlist, dance, more playlists, dance… no, we aren’t obsessed or anything….


1. Keeping it Cool: The hardest thing to do is keep ourselves under control, which is like trying to find meaning in a Paulie Shore movie. We try not to have random song outbursts at work, we try not to pack – then unpack – only to pack again because we are that excited. We try to not to make all of our friends who aren’t going feel like total shit due to our constant discussions on the epicness of Ultra… but it never works. There is no control. This is Ultra Music Festival… and everybody loves you here.  

Hit up Andi (@ARCross) and Lex (@LexHouser) during weekend two to have the time of your life and HAPPY PREPPING.

Much love, 


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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