Your Mission: Operation FIND US AT ULTRA

Guys… thank you, thank you and thank you. We have finally been able to select our Ultra outfits from RaveReady based on your suggestions. Gotta say… pretty awesome having a troop of personal rave stylists - you guys killed it! Based on all of the tweets, posts, comments, messages, you are helping us look like the ultimate rave chicks down there. So, your selections are just some of the pieces you can win off our bodies when getting down and in the mix with the Bad Kids crew. We have stuff for boys and girls, but really what it all comes down to is how much fun you are having, and how much fun you are having when you find US running around Miami! Here is what to look for:

Friday is all about partying in the city where the heat is on. It is about showing Miami how Bad Kids do and it’s about becoming one with Ultra:

Saturday is dedicated to getting as weird as possible, so naturally we are so excited to dress like wild animals and live our lives free:


Sunday is about closing down the main stage like champs - through epic dance-offs, glove-offs and celebrating our love of Swedish House one last time. Hopefully we will be doing that with YOU by our side:



So this is just one of the ways to find us – look for the matching, out of control, dancing, head banging, basshead bad kids dressed in the best stuff from our buddies at RaveReady. Not to mention, we are making a giant Bad Kids flag so it will be easy to spot us, party with us, and for those that know how to woo us with your PLUR, win some sick stuff. We wanna rock with you, all night, dance until the sunrise – so just hit us up – you know what to do and you know that we love you!


Much love,


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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