Our Night with Nicky Romero and Bassjackers

We'd just landed in Miami a mere 3 hours prior and we were on our way to the Beats by Dre industry party at the Delano hotel which we had luckily managed to get our names on the guestlist for. 

When we got to the party, there was a very long line of pretty unhappy looking people standing out front who told us they'd been waiting there for hours and they had been told that the "door was closed" for now.  We talk to the doorman, he confirms this, and basically says that even though we're on the guestlist, they're at capacity and there was nothing he could do.  As we're waiting/wondering if we should give up on the party and go, suddenly, Nicky Romero appears.  

Now there are three of us - Andi, our friend Steph, and myself (Lex).  Each one of us does something completely embarrassing within seconds of seeing him.  I scream "NICKY!" with no control over the desperate tone in my voice, Steph puts her hand under her chin and wiggles her fingers at him like that kid from 'The Little Rascals', and Andi stops talking mid sentence as her jaw pretty much falls to the floor.

Nicky turns to us and says "Hi guys, I'm so sorry about this, I really don't know what the problem is but we're working on figuring it out.  I'm really really sorry."  We all say "it's okayyyy" in embarrassing unison and he goes inside.  

Minutes later the doorman let's us through and we enter into a small intimate party of about 500 people with epic beats on beats on beats all around us!  Nicky is on the decks along with surprise guests NERVO, and just when we think it can't get any better, Nicky announces that David Guetta is about to get in the mix!

So now we got Nicky, Nervo and Guetta, all breaking down some nasty tunes, and we are having the time of our lives.  It's at this point that Andi - as she tends to do, since she is definitely the more adventurous one of the two of us - suggests that we go backstage.  "How are we going to do that?" I ask, as I have asked sooo many times before.  "I'll figure it out when I get there," she says, and we walk over to the DJ booth where there is a security guard protecting the entrance. Andi has a very brief conversation with the security guard that we can't hear, and when she's done she says, "he said we can go up after Guetta gets off".  Steph and I just stare at eachother, unsure of what to make of that. 5 minutes later, Guetta gets offstage, and the three of us make our way back to where the security guard was.  Along with Guetta, NERVO also exits the stage and crosses our path long enough for us to say, "amazing set - you guys are fucking sick" which prompts the one with the crazy mohawked hair to give both me and Steph a fist-bump and say, "thanks man!!" Next thing I know, the three of us are walking onstage/behind the booth, right behind Nicky as he's spinning.

I will never forget the look on Nicky's face when he glanced over his shoulder and saw us - 3 random girls who he definitely did not know and did not give permission to be there - walk onto his stage, which by the way cannot fit more than 7 people on it total, that's how small it is. His look was one of confusion and intrigue.  Not anger.  I checked for anger.  Definitely more confused than anything.  But he shrugged, smiled and kept spinning. So now its the three of us girls, Nicky, his manager and his visual guy, in the booth with him as he throws down an amazing set.   We're rocking the fuck out, standing on top of the booth, dancing on the wall, loving life, constantly turning to eachother like, "What is happening?!"



Suddenly, I see Andi go over to Nicky and tap him on the shoulder WHILE HE'S SPINNING and he actually stops, turns down the volume of his set, and says, "what's up?" Andi then introduces herself.  In the middle of his set. She interrupts his set and introduces herself.  I'm fairly certain at this point we are about to be escorted out of the booth, but Nicky seems to be amused and they converse for about 5 seconds and he turns the volume back up and keeps going.

We continue rocking out for another few minutes and then Andi comes up to me and says "I'm going to ask Nicky Romero out on a date." I said, "....I'm sorry, what?"  She repeats herself.  "I'm going to ask Nicky Romero out on a date."  I'm confused.  "Okay....when?"   "Right now," she says, "I'm going to ask him now" and reaches over to Nicky to tap him on the shoulder AGAIN, as I'm screaming at her "no, not now, NOT NOW! Oh my god she's doing it right now...oh my god."  And I watch her, for the second time, interrupt Nicky Romero's live set, have him turn down the volume of his set once again and say, "hey what's up?" She says, "I was wondering if you'd like to go out some time" and he says "uhh yeah but, can we talk about this after my set?" She says "sure" and then he turns the volume back up and Andi returns to Steph and I, where I'm literally having a heart attack thinking that now we're about to be kicked out of the whole party.

But we aren't kicked out of the party - in fact everyone behind the booth is starting to befriend us.  At one point, Nicky drops "Toulouse", and all his people start handing out the Toulouse masks to the screaming fans in the crowd, and we're helping them!  People are begging us for masks and we're looking all around behind the booth trying to find more. 

It's at this point that 2 new guys appear behind the booth who appear to be very chummy with Nicky. They shake our hands and we all start dancing together for a while.  Nicky then gets on the microphone and introduces his good friends, BASSJACKERS - motioning to the two guys we had just met.  One of them, Marlon, gets on the decks and takes over for Nicky, while the other, Ralph, stays back and hangs out with Steph and I, taking funny pics with our Toulouse masks on and talking with us about how terrible and sweaty we all looked. 

Ralph from Bassjackers and I and our super sweaty photos



Ralph from Bassjackers and Steph playing with their Toulouse masks 


Now I'm freaking the fuck out because for a straight week, every minute of every hour of every day I have been playing the Bassjackers remix of "That Miami Track" by Tocadisco, in preparation for our Ultra Miami experience, and here they were, dancing, partying and laughing with us. 

I'm so preoccupied with Bassjackers that I completely fail to notice that Nicky is no longer in the booth...and neither is Andi.  It's just me, Steph and Bassjackers now.  We have no idea what's happening but we keep dancing and figure we'll find out soon.  


Sure enough one of Nicky's people come to get me and Steph out of the booth about 45 minutes later and we are lead into a lounge where Andi is sitting alone.  She tells us that she and Nicky had been sitting there talking, specifically about how she's the only person who has ever had the balls to interrupt his set for no other reason than to ask him on a date, and that led into other topics of convo, which led to Nicky inviting us to go to an afterparty with him and some friends.  As she's recapping this, Nicky suddenly appears, sees the three of us sitting together and says, "You girls look like sisters!"  We laugh awkwardly, and high-five him an inappropriate amount of times because...let's face it, we are huge dorks.  He's very sweet though and gets our number and says he'll text us when he gets out of the club because he has to stay there and deal with something for a bit.

We walk out of the Delano, totally in a daze from the absolutely insane night we just had.  We can't even form sentences because we all feel like we're in some weird bizarre dream.  Ultra hasn't even started yet and we've already had one of the best nights of our lives. 

We end up bumping into Bassjackers again out front.  They say they're going to an afterparty too, and ask if we want to come.  Right then a text comes through - it's Nicky.  We'd love to tell you what happened after that kids, but THAT, is a story for another time :)

The moral of this story is that being a bad kid means taking risks and taking chances.  Yeah, you might get shot down a 100 times but the one time you don't just might be a life changing experience.  We're not saying that capturing a DJ's attention for a night is the thing that's going to change your life, but these are the types of experiences that you're going to be able to look back on years from now and say, "what a wild and crazy time that was...I was a really bad kid!"

We love you MIAMI <3

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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February 01, 2014

Hey girls, what happened with the second part of the story? The afterparty?
So good that you girls had a really really good night :)

Ryan Pietraszek
Ryan Pietraszek

June 10, 2013

Sounds like a crazy dream well lived! So jealous. You guys are true inspiration to be yourself and I admire that a lot. Keep living the life!

carmen valentin
carmen valentin

May 19, 2013

we had the time of our life in that party!
hope all of you are doing great !

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