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Hey y’all! My name is Rebekah Nichols and I’m an EDM enthusiast from Texas. When I was a sophomore in college I attended my first festival, Nocturnal Wonderland. It took about 15 seconds of me being surrounded by the lights, booming bass and beautiful people to realize that this is where I belonged. Nocturnal is also where I received my first piece of kandi and was taught the importance of PLUR.

After attending several raves I felt that I needed to give back to this truly amazing community that has done so much for me. When Andi and Lex pitched me their ideas for The PLUR Project, I knew it was something I could not miss out on, and the rest is history. I will be managing The PLUR Project initiatives along with Andi and Lex, and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this movement of good vibes and giving back to the community. My main objective is to help ravers in any way I can.  How can you not fall in love with a community that calls itself family? Like my biological family, I would do anything for any one of my rave brothers or sisters.  I just want to be able to replicate my love at first rave and spread PLUR wherever it is needed and wherever it is lacking. 



Some generally silly facts about me: Everyday I’m shufflin’ and I have been since I could stand. I do a mean rendition of "Alive" by Krewella in the shower, and unfortunately I cannot roll my tongue. I nerded out a lot in middle school becoming a spelling bee whiz. But enough about the past let’s talk about the present and what being a Bad Kid means to me.


Being a Bad Kid doesn’t just mean wearing the brand, it means embracing the lifestyle. It means loving deeper, singing louder, partying harder, and just in general being epically awesome! Thrilled to be the newest Bad Kid and embrace The Bad Life!

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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July 17, 2013

I absolutely love what the Bad Kids stand for. You guys are doing an amazing job at promoting positivity. Keep up the good work guys!

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