Bad Kids Doing Good Things: Boston and Texas

As much as we love seeing our kids behaving badly, we also like to mix it up. In the past month we have gone from Bad Kids getting boozy at a crazy EDM brunch to Bad Kids getting charitable and spreading PLUR with the kick-off of the PLUR Project.

To see your donations come pouring in was truly heartwarming and thanks to your contributions, Drunkmau5 will be attending EDCNY! But as was mentioned in the Odyssey: The Deep Dive into the PLUR Project, the PLUR Project is way more widespread than just one person or one festival.

Less than a month ago the nation was shaken by two tragedies in the same week. First, we were rocked by the Boston Marathon explosions, followed shortly after by the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas. These two events happened within the span of a few days and left many victims and lost loved ones in their wakes.  Us Bad Kids knew that we could not let either tragedy go unnoticed and wanted a way to reach out to the victims and families of both. So we put our thinking caps on and realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to spread PLUR.

We would like to be able to reach out to the victims and families in both West Texas as well as Boston.  Obviously this will be no small feat. We cannot do this alone and we are asking for some help from our stellar rave family! We already know that you Bad Kids can send a Drunkmau5 to EDCNY, but we want to see what else you're made of!

We would like to make a massive PLUR package to show that we care and that we are thinking of them and sending good vibes their way. Monetary donations are pouring in from everywhere to One Fund Boston and The Waco Foundation, but sometimes money is not the most comforting thing to a person who has gone through such a trauma. What we are asking is that people donate: handmade cards, kandi, flowers, poems, words of encouragement, etc. whatever you want to show you care. So throw on your kandi-making gloves, pull out the beads, and get cracking!

Any items that you would like to donate are being collected by our cause promoter and out newest Bad Kid, Rebekah Nichols. Items should be sent to: Rebekah Nichols PO Box 1932 Colleyville, TX 76034-1932. Rebekah will then combine the items into PLUR Packages and send them to: One Boston Response CO Mayor's Office One City Hall Square Suite 500 Boston, Massachusetts 02201. However, since Rebekah herself is a native Texan, this raving cowgirl has offered to hand deliver the packages to the people in West, Texas to show that the Bad Kids family cares. 

The project has already been going on for several weeks now and we are already receiving donations from Bad Kids all over.Any little bit helps but if you know anything about Bad Kids at all then you already know, we like to do things BIGGER and BADDER! We would like to get as many people involved in this as possible, so please share this on your Facebook, tweet! tweet! tweet! on Twitter and tell all your friends and family to be part of this opportunity to give back and spread the Peace Love Unity Respect and Comfort to Boston and West, Texas. 

Please have your donations sent to Rebekah Nichols by no later than Friday May 10th. 2013. Come on Bad Kids and show us how you give!



Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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