The Ride of Your Life - EDC NY Style

A Bad Kids world is different than any other. It's a world where your dreams become reality, a world where unicorns don't just hover. You imagination becomes reality, and the things you do, you shouldn't tell your mother. Your childhood fantasies play out right before your eyes - you can put all your worries aside. But most importantly, you live completely in the moment. 

Go on adventures that have yet to be taken, go with those people who cannot be forsaken. As a Bad Kid, the places you go and the things you see remind you why life is worth living. You embrace each moment, and it's impossible to stop any of those good feelings. That is the beauty of the road ahead, just more adventures to be had. 

The Bad Kids journey will lead you to Electric Daisy Carnival - a time travel back to your childhood. The glistening rides, the fantastical scene, the magic that seems to be surrounding everything. The people you meet unbelievably touch your life forever, you can't think of being apart from them.. never ever. 

So how does a Bad Kid arrive in style, to the most whimsical event coming up on the Citi Field pile? The only way to arrive at this majestic place, is to be transported by our lovely steed, that will most definitely make haste. Our EDM Party bus, you won't be displeased. Its filled with things that you might not have ever seen. 

LED lights make for a smile, while the poles for dancing, loud sounds, and DJ Sweekuh's beats, cant be missed for miles. Vodka pouring, girls will absolutely be luring. Costumes that surpass anything you could have imagined, and dancing that is unfathomed. The EDM Party buses will take 150 of you, to a place that has been dreamt about, thought about... jeez, the time right now is seemingly overdue. 

Beats dropping, photos poppin, the Bad Kids will make sure this is show stopping. Booze will be pouring, from our boys at PRUV. Nectar shades for all the coolest dudes. Bad Kids will be rocking the most electric daises you will have ever seen, and Drunkmau5 will certainly have her share of the scene. 

Arriving to the child's EDM playground is something to seriously consider. So please join us and experience this carnival, or you will certainly be bitter.

Tickets on sale for our magical bus, 36 dollars. Take off at 1pm, May 18th ... you will certainly look like a baller. So bring it on the party bus, and let's throw down. It's time to vist the sacred festival grounds!
Purchase your Early Bird ticket for the party bus from the Bad Kids Pregame at Libation to EDC NY 

Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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May 07, 2013

Does the bus take us back to Libations after…

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