Five Accessories You Need to be A Bad Kid on the 4th of July!

Everything You Need to be a Bad Kid on the 4th of July



1.) American Flag Shades

If all goes as planned, this 4th of July is going to be a hot one. Show your patriotism while still looking like a bad ass motherf*cker with these American Flag Sunglasses from EyeLoveShadez!


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2.) Stars and Stripes Destroyed Denim Shorts

These handmade, high-waisted shorts are perfect to throw on over a bikini and let all your red, white and blue hang out - literally!



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3.) Lacrosse Pinnie

For all you EDM bros who want to show off your guns on the 4th, our blue and white EDM University pinnie is a great tank to rock at that bro-b-q you're sure to be boozing at.  Just pair it with some red board shorts and you're good, bra!

Get the pinnie here!


4.) Spectified Light Up Shades

If there's one thing a Bad Kids like to do - it's glow in the dark, and these babies will help you do just that.  WATCH OUT, fireworks! You're not the only game in town anymore...



Get them here!


5.) I'M A BAD KID Bracelet

True Bad Kids never leave home without their I'M A BAD KID bracelet on - so show your nation just how bad you are and proudly display one of these rubber bracelets (which is both waterproof AND alcohol proof). Genius! 



Get the Bad Kid Bracelet here!


After all, this is the Land of the Free, Home of the RAVE!

Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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