Yo Weekend, What Up - Want to Date?

Two monumental things are happening this weekend for us over in BKC land. First, we are going to be working our faces off doing a photoshoot for our new line, expected to hit your hearts in the coming weeks. Then, we are supporting a talented music producer and good friend of ours - TCUP - as he spins the shit out of Electric Beach at Santos Party House!


Monument #1: The Photoshoot

If you have not experienced one of these first hand - you should. If you have - welcome back. This one is going to be a little different for us as our new line has a whole new theme surrounding it. As we age (in the most fun and fashionable way possible, of course!) we want our gear to represent the phase of life we are in. We want to show how Bad Kids can transition from day to night - from your mid-afternoon brunch to cutting lines late night at some new club you’ve never experienced. We don’t just hang with you during festival times, but we hang with you throughout your everyday life. Just the way your favorite EDM tunes do... enhancing your life every step of the way. This is going to be a sexy one, a sultry one, and certainly one for the books. Not to mention, if you want to meet some of our very single and very attractive models... Saturday is certainly a good time for that!

(No I am not pimping out our hotties, but I kind of am...)

Monument #2: Santos Party House

So rumor has it that the Electric Beach party that goes down every Saturday night at Santos is quite a shit show. I keep hearing that this place is going to be packed to the brim this weekend and frankly I cannot wait. If you are coming - suggestion - get there EARLY. Fuck lines, we are Bad Kids... let’s get in there and freaking rage! I haven’t been to Santos in at least 6 months, and last time I was there was on a Thursday to see Big Birtha get weird after binge eating my body weight at the infamous Woo Hop (if you don’t know it, get on it, if you do, nothing more really needs to be said.) So as you can imagine, my night didn’t last long and I was out of there by song number three in a food coma.

So, my excitement certainly lies in the fact that it has been awhile, but more so because we are coming out to see TCUP mix shit up. We met this guy on Bounce Boat and instantly hit it off. We have been raging together ever since and he is a certified Bad Kid, to say the least. Every time we are out together, something magical happens and I am looking forward to see what Saturday has in store for us. If you haven’t heard his tunes - check them out here: - and don’t worry, you will be hearing some sick new stuff this weekend to keep your music collection evergrowing.


Not to mention, he is mixing it up with Jeremy Orlander - no big deal. I left his name off a few Facebook posts that I put on my personal wall and I was tarred and feathered... so obviously I cannot leave him out again!


What I’m saying is - come meet up with us on Saturday. Maybe you will make some cameos in the shoot, maybe you will get behind the booth with TCUP and Jeremy. Maybe you will just have a wild and crazy Bad Kids night and text us in the morning saying you ended up ____________ around 5:30am (in the safest, most fun way possible, of course!) Maybe, just maybe, you will meet your summer fling and you and him / her can be in our next photoshoot being all cute and stuff... who knows. MAYBE you will move from Boston to NYC to hang out with the Bad Kids crew around the clock? Endless possibilities. But the one guarantee, you will have a seriously rock-and-roll time doing what we do best. Party rocking...

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Much love, see you out there.



Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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